What’s Next for Contact Center Solutions?

The leaders of evolutionary customer service, are successful because they deliver a stress-free, personalized customer experience. But there are still many organisations that are focusing on an “inside-out” approach.

Inside out approaches mean operating costs restrict which channels are available to the customer, and as a result their customer service deteriorates.

A recent Forrester Trends survey found that those who focus on “outside-in” measures to deliver better customer service, experience increased revenue and company profitability. This is exactly why customer service technology has become top of the investment priority list for many businesses with contact centers.

Why exactly? Because the role of the contact center in a world of advancing technologies will need to be proactive in its customer centric approach. Understanding customer’s needs is paramount to good customer service. Not to mention contact center technologies also enable opportunities to improve profitability and generate added revenue streams.

Contact Centre Trends – Now and in the future


We’ve entered into an age where customers are able and ready to look for quick fix answers with minimal effort, this often includes FAQs, telephone IVR and emails. Phone channels are still heavily relied upon, but the use of services such as webchat and instant messaging (such as via Facebook) are quickly becoming preferable.

Mobile technologies

The majority of mobile phone users own a smartphone- 66% of UK adults. This has given customers easier access to customer service on the go. Some organisations do currently cater to these preferred channels but are slow to introduce mobile apps, an often unrecognized downfall. Future trends suggest that businesses will increasingly improve their approach to mobile technologies and integrate them into an omni-channel strategy. Visual IVR, for example is streamlined to connect appropriate agents along with outbound communications such as app notifications. This is where the fluidity of customer service will really thrive.

Predictive analysis

The personalized service is going one step further. The powers of predictive analytics are certainly set to make a drastic improvement using the customer’s historical data of past interactions, geographic location and choice of device, to create a tailor made service that’s suited to the customer’s profile.

Journey analytics

In order to support your customer through every step of their customer service inquiry, the contact center must measure the customer’s cross-channel journey. With multiple platforms at the customer’s fingertips there will likely be constant switching between channels for optimum service. By incorporating broader measurement programs into the contact centre you will be able to explore the weak points of customer journeys.

Improved agent interfaces

The forward-thinking customer service leaders focus on a productive end-to-end customer service process. To ensure productivity is consistent throughout the contact centre, agents should be equipped with more user friendly, modern, automated interfaces that enhance the work place and minimise stress and fatigue.

SaaS Solutions (software-as-a-service)

A key emerging trend is adopting SaaS solutions either to replace on-premises customer service applications or to complement existing solutions. For the imminent future a recent Forrester Trends report predicts that customer service organisations will continue this venture of introducing SaaS solutions to increase business flexibility, speed of deployment, and the ability to quickly introduce innovation.

Some of these technologies may take off quicker than others, but taking advantage of these trends at a timely-pace is critical. To be successful, organisations must be wholly aware of their customer and to embrace these contact centre solutions is to take a step closer to delivering stress-free, seamless experiences.

What do you think will be the biggest contact centre technology trend in 2016?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Posted by eckoh at 3:27 PM on Sep 27, 2016


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