Why what you say matters in contact centers

Like so many things, the more we learn and evolve the more aspects emerge that reveal potentially dangerous or risky activities.

Like so many things, the more we learn and evolve the more aspects emerge that reveal potentially dangerous or risky activities.

Over this same period malicious minds of thieves and hackers have been scheming and plotting new ways to get hold of sensitive data for their own ends. So, as they get smarter so too should contact centers and the technology they apply to handle the problems.

What your agents say to customers when taking telephone payments is of vital importance because they will inevitably need to ask for the payment card details. As your agent cannot see the person on the telephone, nor the card they are carrying, this is known as a Card-Not-Present (CNP) payment. If the customer reads out their card details this presents the following risks to them, and you…

  1. Your customers’ data is at risk of being misused by a rogue agent
  2. A rogue agent may be listening in at the next work station
  3. The data may end up being recorded and stored in your contact center environment.

All the above mean that you are exposed to the risk of fraud, data breach or data misuse – and that could mean hefty fines and loss of reputation and customers. You’d also not be compliant with PCI DSS and that, if you had a data breach, you would make you liable for exposing this sensitive data. It’s been often quoted that "if you think compliance is expensive, try non compliance.”

So what can you do about it? The simplest answer is to make sure that data doesn’t exist – that way it can’t be stolen or misused. On-site solutions exist to address these issues but more organizations are recognizing the benefits of outsourcing their contact center security requirements to a PCI DSS Level One Service Provider. Cloud-based solutions are proving to be the most flexible and resilient form of PCI compliance available to contact centers today.

So which option is right for you and how do you find the right secure payment partner?

Dig deeper into the issue download your free copy of 'PCI DSS compliance for Card-Not-Present payments' You'll discover everything you need to resolve your contact center and secure payment challenges.

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Posted by eckoh at 12:20 PM on Oct 30, 2017


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