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Substantial Shareholdings

As of 31st March 2019, the Company had been notified of the material interests shown in the chart below, representing 3% or more of its current issue share capital.

ShareholderNumber of Shares% of issued share capital
Hargreave Hale Limited 42,118,141 16.60
Kestrel Partners LLP 37,397,644 14.74
Herald Investment Trust Limited 17,314,890 6.85
Cavendish Asset Management 11,239,061 4.43
Chelverton Asset Management 10,500,000 4.14
BlackRock Investment Management 10,336,068 4.07
Close Brothers Group 10,184,234 4.01
AXA Investment Managers UK 8,025,613 3.16
Hargreaves Lansdowne Asset Management 7,906,986 3.12
River + Mercantile Asset Management 7,678,284 3.03

Director's Interests

Director31 March 201931 October 201831 March 2018
N B Philpot 6,976,285 6,926,285 6,926,285
C J Humphrey 400,000 400,000 400,000
C G Herbert 20,000 20,000 20,000

Securities Information

The authorised share capital of the Company and the Group is 1,000,000,000 Ordinary Shares of 0.25 pence each ("Ordinary Shares"). As of 31 March 2019 the number of Ordinary Shares in issue is 254,121,768. 362,022 Ordinary Shares are currently held as treasury shares and there are currently no restrictions on the transfer of Ordinary Shares.

All of the Company's Ordinary Shares are in public hands, except for those held by the Directors, their related parties and shareholders with a holding exceeding 10%, which amount to a total of 86,912,070 or 34.26% of current issued share capital. This information is disclosed for the purpose of AIM Rule 26.

ECKOH PLC Meetings

Eckoh plc regularly holds meetings with its major institutional investors where general presentations are given covering the interim and preliminary results. All Directors have access to the Company's nominated advisers who give feedback from shareholders and receive copies of broker update documents.

In addition to regular financial reporting, significant matters relating to the trading or development of the business are disseminated to the market by way of Stock Exchange announcements. Eckoh plc is listed on the Alternative Investment Market ("AIM") under the ticker symbol "ECK". Eckoh is not listed on any other exchange or trading platforms. The RNS announcements released by the Company to the Stock Exchange are provided.

Eckoh is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers. As an AIM listed company Eckoh is not required to comply with the principles and provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code published by the Financial Reporting Council in September 2012, however the Board of Eckoh is committed to the principles of good corporate governance and follows, so far as is practicable and appropriate in view of the Enlarged Group's size, stage of development and the nature of the Company the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code and complies with the provisions of the QCA Guidelines.