Eckoh is the global leader in customer engagement data security solutions. Our services make data security and compliance in your contact center straightforward – protecting sensitive customer data against cybercriminals, and your organization from financial penalties.

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Fast, secure and flexible payment solutions

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Completely de-scope your agents, systems and call recordings

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Deliver great experiences and robust security

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PCI DSS Compliance

Solutions designed to reduce the
compliance burden in your contact center

Cloud Contact Centers

Secure and protect customer
contact data in your cloud contact center

Our Products

Our full range of solutions which secure
customer payments in any contact channel

Why choose Eckoh?

With our expertise, you’ll be ready to confidently embrace new contact channels, digital payment methods and compliance requirements. You can drive customer engagement, trust and loyalty while meeting regulations and ensuring a high level of security across your cloud communication channels.

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We work with customer-focused companies

Defining customer engagement and payment security for leading brands, and the way their customers interact with them.

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"Being able to enhance our programs and expand our basic revenue recovery programs is important to our future growth and success. With Eckoh’s extremely simple secure payment and PCI DSS compliance solution, we can now achieve this while adding additional value to our clients."

Client Financial Services

“We’re delighted with the result. Since we rolled out CallGuard and the Pay-by-Link app throughout Flogas we have further improved the security of our environment, whilst having peace of mind that the business is PCI DSS compliant with our customer facing payments. Furthermore, we’ve improved the customer experience and made it more consistent and secure across our various channels and improved our ability to take payments out of hours.”

Sue Ellis, Head of Customer Experience Center

A flexible solution to securing payments for both IVR and live agents means that a business is free to grow and respond to customer and market demands. Achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance is also critical.

Fortune 500 American telecommunications company

"We have been working with Eckoh for over 8 years now and we’re extremely happy. As such we’ve decided to use the services to secure payment in new territories, such as Germany, to ensure we secure all our clients’ cardholder data without discriminating territories or new brands that we launch. Eckoh brings a great deal of expertise in the complex area of PCI DSS compliance and network management and as a trusted supplier they were the natural choice for us."

Head of Operations
Premier Inn

"When Capita recommended we spoke with their self-service technology provider Eckoh, we were more than intrigued by their ideas for multi-channel customer engagement. We have been truly impressed with the professionalism of the Capita/Eckoh teams since the project launch."

Mark Gait, Head of Customer Service

"Our priority is to deliver on our customer promise of Every Journey Matters. Eckoh's contact center technology enables us to ensure that calls are directed to the right place, first time and allows us the flexibility to independently manage our IVRs in real-time, creating a positive customer experience."

Volkan Altinok, Head of Contact Center Operations
Transport for London

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Please note, Eckoh is unlikely to be cost-effective if you have fewer than 50 agents in your contact center.

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