Monitor the Social Web for all mentions made ABOUT you and TO you.

Monitor conversations on the entire social web

Listening tracks down all relevant conversations about a brand, product, competitor and industry across all Major Social Networks – including millions of News sites, blogs and forums in over 160 languages In all countries and in real time. It can also monitor competitors too!

Listen and Analyse

Hear all your social activity by monitoring your brand, whether it’s tagged or not, across social media networks, review sites, blogs, news, forums, and more, all in one place. Filter the noise by eliminating spam, advertising, and other unrelated text, leaving only the conversations that matter and monitor images and hashtags too

Understand the context and meaning of each customer comment accurately through natural language processing. Tune the NLP to your unique business needs and goals.

Social Customer Care

Understand what people say

Understand your community, detect influencers and use demographic insights for the full picture of your customers.

Classify, categorize and Filter incoming data by network, sentiment, keywords, followers, hashtags, demographics, time, and much more using out of the box industry models and best in class text analytics.


  • Listening tracks down all relevant conversations about a brand, product, competitor and industry on the social web
  • Use our standard analytics, or slice & dice the data to create customized dashboards
  • Deep Filtering and custom dashboards
  • Sentiment Analysis and top phots and videos
  • Top Photos & Videos
  • Full Demographics

How Listening works

Within 24 hours Listening can be monitoring the entire Social Web for every comment made about you and to you – using social media sets up and key word searches

Insights and analytics are available in real time with customisable dashboards using over 320 widgets to report on the things you want. Everything is downloadable and can be emailed - automatically if required

The most comprehensive listening tool available works in 160 languages and every country with variable filters and setup possible. Never miss a comment again.

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