Businesses and consumers want new digital technologies that are transforming communications and media services, from 5G and faster fiber to company networks and VPNs for home-working. But audiences fall into different groups — and providers must meet the needs of each of them.

Some subscribers are looking for great deals on new products but are highly sensitive to a company’s brand reputation, value for money and service. Other businesses and consumers are struggling with bills and may be about to switch to a cheaper competitor.

Telecommunications and media companies must demonstrate great service — and with extra sensitivity, especially around vulnerable customers. But that’s hard when budgets are tight and quality agents are in short supply. Fortunately, tech can help.

Build your reputation with standout service

Avoid lengthy call queues. Make it simple to report issues or get questions answered quickly

Deliver the convenience customers crave

Let people select and shift contact channels — and pay securely whenever they’re ready

Offer discreet self-service and chat

Let customers check balances and make payments using 24/7 IVR or secure chat

Enable agents to be more effective

Empower your contact center and home-based agents with secure chat and other tools

Stay compliant with PCI DSS requirements

Keep sensitive cardholder details completely outside of your contact center environment

Grow revenue in a challenging market

Grow revenue and loyalty

Download our infographic to discover how telecoms and media brands can grow revenue and customer loyalty in a challenging marketplace.

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eGuide: Dial up customer spend

Delve into more detail in our eGuide to discover how telecoms and media brands can turn the contact center into a revenue generator.

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Eckoh has strong experience in telecommunications and media.

We recognize that some of today’s subscribers are pushing for the latest tech, while others are battling with bills. We make it possible for customers to engage with you in their preferred method, on their device and at their convenience. This could be online or via voice, self-service IVR or secure chat.

Lengthy call queues can damage your brand and revenues. But automated services can lift the burden off your team, while secure chat and other tools can enable agents to become more effective in providing great experiences for customers.

All the while, our PCI DSS-compliant platform can prevent subscribers’ cardholder details from entering your contact center environment, ramping up your protection against data breaches.

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Self-Service improves O2’s customer engagement efficiency

For seven consecutive years, O2 has been named 'Number 1 Network for Customer Service Satisfaction' by Ofcom

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A leading US telecoms business provides 3m customers with mobile, broadband, video and other communications services.

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