Government and public sector agencies need to deliver on the digital transformation agenda to provide superior services at less cost. Many citizens are ready to switch to digital and automated channels for inquiries, account management and payments.

However, public sector budgets and in-house IT resources are severely limited. Organizations simply don’t have the funds or bandwidth to lift and shift existing contact center technology easily.

Leaders must find affordable ways to deliver digital services and make savings without impacting frontline services. Change needs to leverage proven technology that offers easy adoption, clear value for money and strong compliance around data security.

Drive digital transformation without vast expenditure

Easily add game-changing solutions and tools to your existing contact center tech

Reduce call waiting times for citizens

Let people choose between web services, secure chat, IVR and voice channels

Do more with a limited budget

Offer self-service on-demand with speech recognition and automated IVR payments 24/7

Make your agents highly effective

Empower your contact center and home-based agents with secure chat and other tools

Stay compliant with PCI DSS

Keep sensitive cardholder details completely outside of your contact center environment

With our help, you can achieve a step-change in digital customer service and payment security without having to hire extra agents or spend a fortune on new hardware.

With advanced IVR and speech recognition, citizens can access their accounts 24/7, make secure payments and get questions answered on-demand. Alternatively, they can talk discreetly with an agent using secure chat or be routed to the right person for a voice conversation or to make a payment.

At all times, cardholder details remain secure, thanks to Eckoh's PCI DSS-compliant solutions which prevent sensitive data from entering your contact center.

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