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Consumers are switching to alternative payments in record numbers — and it’s essential for contact centers to avoid getting left behind. With Eckoh, you can give your customers the freedom to combine their preferred contact channel with their favorite payment method.

They may choose Apple Pay over WhatsApp, Pay by Bank via live chat, a pay-later app over Twitter — or opt for card payments over the phone or web. In future, they might pick global ‘super apps’, cryptocurrencies or central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

With Eckoh, you’re ready for whatever your customers demand, today and tomorrow.

Secure Digital Payments

When it comes to Secure Digital Payments, we’ve got you covered

Consumers are switching to alternative payments in record numbers. Our future-ready, modular platform enables you to offer unsurpassed choice, convenience and security.

With our Secure Digital Payments platform, you can:

  • Increase payment volumes by saying Yes to more payment methods across channels.
  • Boost brand reputation by meeting soaring consumer expectations across all sectors.
  • Strongly authenticate security with biometrics for a growing number of transactions.
  • Deploy a web-based payment form designed to take online payments.

The agent stays in contact throughout the transaction, as each step taken by the customer synchronizes with the agent's screen - without the agent ever being exposed to sensitive payment data.

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Give customers the choice to pay now or pay later

Customers may want to pay immediately. But the option to pay later could help them for a number of reasons:

  • They lack the time to complete the transaction
  • They drop out of the conversation
  • It’s more convenient for them to pay later

If this happens, you can send them a secure payment link that stays open for 24 hours or more. Fitting around their lifestyle is an effective way of bringing in more payments.

Why choose Secure Digital Payments from Eckoh?

Keep pace with expectations

Activate new PCI DSS secure payment channels right away and stay ahead in the marketplace.

Secure digital payments keep pace

Use options customers want

Enable customers to pay with their method of choice — at a time that best suits them.

Secure digital payments option

Increased volume of payments

Support ‘in the moment’ transactions via mobile wallets and other payment methods.

Secure digital payments volume

Strongly authenticate security

Reduce fraud and chargebacks, thanks to methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Pay by Bank.

Secure digital payments security

Customers can pay how they want, when they want, on whichever channel they prefer

The customer picks the contact channel

This could be IVR, SMS, chat, video call, speaking to an agent, bots, social media, apps or the web.

Payment only takes seconds

A secure link is sent to their phone which opens up a menu of payment options. This can include cards, web wallets, mobile wallets, apps and new methods. The customer selects the one they prefer.

The agent stays in contact throughout the interaction

Each step taken by the customer synchronizes with the agent’s screen — without the agent ever being exposed to sensitive payment data.

Fast deployment with support for transactions globally

Eckoh’s cloud-based Digital Payments platform can be deployed quickly without the need for new APIs or changes to desktops, servers or telephony, and with no new hardware or software required.

The flexible framework makes it easy to add payment methods. Our platform is compatible with leading PSPs, such as WorldPay and Global Payments. Other PSPs can be brought into the portfolio as required.

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Blending digital and live person payments securely

"We have used competitor solutions in the past but found that these did not extend to alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay for Cardholder-Not-Present or Secure Payment in Chat. That’s why Eckoh offers the most future proof PCI DSS compliance solution for securing payments."

IT Manager, E-Commerce Sector

Ready to revolutionize how your customers make payments?

Find out how we can help you improve your contact center payment security, in the Cloud or through traditional setups with payment links.

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Please note, Eckoh is unlikely to be cost-effective if you have fewer than 50 agents in your contact center.

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