The ‘always-on’ telephone payment system

Add convenience, speed and reassurance for your customers by giving them the option to pay through Eckoh's Payment IVR - a modern, effective automated phone system available 24x7x365.

Eckoh's Payment IVR enables customers to quickly navigate through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system using either touch tones or natural language speech recognition to make a payment. Process payments through Eckoh's secure platform, integrated with your existing IVR solution or outsourced entirely to us.

Payment IVR

Efficiency and security working in the background

Built for convenience, security and operational efficiency, Eckoh's Payment IVR is an essential service for your contact center and easily integrated.

Powered by an omnichannel platform that secures chat, chatbot, SMS, social media and website payments

Configured, integrated, tested and deployed for you by us

Accept payments via any payment service provider and popular payment methods including card and digital eWallet

All types of payment supported including bill payments, recurring payments and invoice payments

Dedicated phone number supplied and professionally recorded messages

Routing options configured with the ability to be passed to and from agents when necessary

We focus on what is important to our clients and their customers

Increase payment conversions and reduce operational costs

Ensure PCI DSS compliance

Never miss a sale or payment by offering 24x7 self-service

Offer customers more choice to self-serve

We focus on what is important to our clients and their customers

Be open 24x7x365

Take payments at any time, when it's convenient to the customer

Reduce costs, increase sales

Increase sales conversions during peaks and out-of-hours when agents aren't available

Bulk payment handling

Take multiple payments at once, freeing up agents to take complex calls

Easy payment process

Customers pay confidently in moments with professionally recorded prompts

Reduce PCI DSS scope

Keeping the card data out of the contact center system reduces the burden of compliance


Compatible with existing payment processors, CRM and telephony systems

Increasing collection rates by 95%

"We’ve been using EckohPAY (Eckoh's Payment IVR) for over 15 years and our collection rates have improved to around 95% with more than one third of these being collected outside business hours. Plus, our agents also have more time to chase the harder-to-collect fines."

Ministry of Justice


The most effective, cost-efficient product for securing phone payments. CallGuard reduces fraud risk, protects your customers' card data and helps your business become PCI DSS compliant.

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Let customers pay the easiest way – inside any chat application as they talk with your agent. No links, just instant and secure payments.

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Secure Digital Payments

A simple, secure way to ensure card data is not exposed to your agents or network, keeping your contact center PCI DSS compliant.

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