Secure your phone payments in the most effective way

Global brands trust CallGuard to handle billions of dollars of phone payments with speed and simplicity. CallGuard delivers patented, market-leading security, powering you to PCI DSS 4.0 compliance and beyond. It’s a fast and sustainable way to reduce fraud risk and protect your customers' card data.

Available as a cloud-first solution with multi-cloud and hybrid options, CallGuard is ideal for national or global businesses. It's system agnostic and can be deployed alongside your existing systems across multiple sites and geographies.

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Why choose CallGuard from Eckoh?

Avoid data breach risks
Take phone payments without your team ever seeing, hearing, transmitting or storing any sensitive data

Ease the burden of PCI DSS 4.0
Free your people, processes and systems from card data, and make compliance easier

Maintain 100% customer contact
Keep agents and customers connected at all times for a seamless and personal experience with real-time, on-screen feedback

Enable more ways to pay
Allow customers to pay by card, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other digital wallets

Deliver secure services globally
Deploy across territories with speech recognition in 80-plus languages and dialects

Zero integration headaches
CallGuard simply wraps around your systems or we can provide an embeddable virtual terminal

Easy to use
for agents

An easy-to-follow process with on-screen status and prompts to reduce training time

Get the most from CallGuard
"Train-the-trainer" onboarding process puts you in control of your agents' training and peformance

Get robust and flexible phone payment protection

Outstanding security is about far more than tick-box compliance. With CallGuard, Eckoh handles card processing for you – so you can focus better on delivering great call experiences for customers and agents.

Deploy your way - to fit your global cloud strategy and roadmap.

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Complete transactions easily with payment gateways, digital wallets, and emerging ways to pay.

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Secure hybrid or remote working environments for your agents to the same level as your contact center.

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Go beyond card security and protect other sensitive data fields such as date of birth and social security numbers.

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Use advanced speech recognition to understand your customers in over 80 languages and dialects.

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Make paying convenient for frequent customers by saving cards for future use through PSP or TSP card tokens.

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Tailored to your business via simple integration methods and our customizable implementation.

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Get expert advice and support from our knowledgeable, managed services team.

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Added value for cloud-based CallGuard customers

Secure Call Recording

Capture customer conversations, transcribe them on-demand and then use AI-powered, sentiment heatmaps to deliver business insights.

Cloud-based CallGuard customers are able to access the benefits of our A.I. powered, smart, Secure Call Recording solution for free the first 6 months.

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Resilient cloud telephony carrier

Improve the reliability of your inbound calls by leveraging our cloud telephony carrier’s patented ability to route around outages and degradation.

Avoid costly service interruptions with the most resilient cloud telecom network, fully integrated with CallGuard.

Callguard cloud telephony transparent

How CallGuard works

Time to pay

When payment is needed, your agent brings up your existing systems protected by CallGuard or an embeddable virtual terminal

Entering card details

The caller types in their card details using their phone’s keypad or speaks the numbers aloud

Accepting numbers

CallGuard interprets and removes the keypad tones or mutes the audio during speech recognition. Card numbers are displayed with asterisks

Maintaining security

CallGuard provides on-screen feedback to agents but no card data is allowed to pass through to agents or call recorders

Completing the transaction

The payment information is securely passed to the payment provider, the transaction is completed, and your internal systems are updated

Get going with quick and simple cloud deployment

CallGuard is a cloud-first solution with options for multi-cloud, hybrid, and premised deployment. It works with all contact center systems and set-ups.

You can either use CallGuard as a standalone virtual terminal or deploy its security as a protective shield around your contact center systems. Either way, sensitive card data is kept outside of your environment, descoping it from the demands of PCI DSS.

What our customers say about CallGuard

“One of our core values is to deliver the safest and most dependable service, and that goes for our customer payments too. That’s why we wanted a secure payment solution that would really work, was easy to install and is simple to run. We found it with Eckoh CallGuard.”

A large national propane distributor
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"Being able to enhance our programs and expand our basic revenue recovery programs is important to our future growth and success. With Eckoh’s extremely simple secure payment and PCI DSS compliance solution, we can now achieve this while adding additional value to our clients."

Client Financial Services of Michigan

Ready to ramp up your phone payment security?

CallGuard will keep you one step ahead in a world of growing security risks, emerging payment methods, and increasing regulation.

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Please note, Eckoh is unlikely to be cost-effective if you have fewer than 50 agents in your contact center.

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