Focus quickly on the conversations that matter the most

Eckoh’s managed cloud solution elevates call recording from being a routine necessity into a valuable driver for business transformation. Now you can quickly identify key moments in business-critical conversations — without having to listen to thousands of calls.

Secure Call Recording from Eckoh includes seamless connections for Genesys, Cisco, Avaya, Twilio, Amazon Connect and other leading telephony systems.

Secure Call Recording

Top features of Secure Call Recording


Powerful search functionality enables supervisors to filter and identify the calls they need - fast.

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Prevent sensitive customer data from being recorded with our redaction feature, which can be set to any security or compliance need.

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Auto Tagging

Quickly identify and navigate to points of interest in a recording by setting up automated tags to highlight key words or phrases.

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Why choose Secure Call Recording from Eckoh

Take better control of calls
Move beyond basic call recording and management functionality provided by cloud-based telephony solutions

Understand sentiment quickly
Transcribe on-demand and spot customers’ pain points right away — without having to listen to thousands of calls

See everything in one place
Capture insights across hybrid workforces, contact centers, different systems, and calls handled by outsourcing partners

Save time and money
Switch quickly to the cloud — and without having to maintain legacy, on-premise recording equipment

Act on business insights
Get an early heads-up on emerging issues, so you can protect the customer experience and strengthen loyalty

Prioritize data security
Capture and analyze customer interactions while maintaining the highest standards of data protection, with redaction included as standard

Enhance your capabilities across a range of scenarios

Eckoh has transformed the traditional, passive process of recording inbound and outbound calls into a dynamic solution that delivers business insights and value. With our cloud service, you can:

Use AI to tag transcripts that feature certain keywords that are important to you.

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Quantify how many customers are reporting specific issues.

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Quickly check whether your agents are upselling services as instructed.

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Monitor the performance of outsourcing partners.

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Unify recording for disparate contact centers that use different telephony systems.

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Help your team manage CPRA obligations and “Right to …” information requests.

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How Secure Call Recording works


Our cloud-based solution is quick and easy to set up and enables you to scale in line with your organization's changing requirements


Capture customer conversations across all contact channels at the click of a button, with the option to record 100% of customer interactions or smaller volumes across separate teams or business units. (Optional screen recording is available)

Transcription and Redaction

Automatically remove sensitive information (e.g. payment card data) from audio recordings and transcripts. Optional rules-based redaction allows you to automatically detect and redact other types of personal data


Generate detailed insights and analytics with a range of reporting tools, and gain instant visibility on customer issues and longer-term trends within your organization


Improve customer experience by identifying and addressing any gaps in contact center performance quickly, and fine-tune processes by harnessing the wealth of customer data generated to drive decision-making within your organization

Quick and simple cloud deployment and set-up

Secure Call Recording from Eckoh is a managed service built and hosted on highly resilient cloud infrastructure trusted by government agencies, banks and major enterprises. Deployment typically takes a few weeks or less. Our easy-to-learn, intuitive interface also enables the speedy onboarding of agents.

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“With Secure Call Recording, contact centers can improve the customer experience and add value back to the business — without the time and cost of having to listen to thousands of conversations. It’s a game-changer for agile, customer-centric enterprises.”

- Nik Philpot, Founder and CEO, Eckoh

Ready to take call recording to the next level?

Discover a secure call recording solution that enables you to act on real business insights while removing the risk of recording and storing sensitive data.


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