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Health Insurer
CallGuard de-scopes office and at-home agents and improve customer satisfaction
CallGuard de-scopes office and at-home agents and improve customer satisfaction


Industry: Health Insurance    Employees: 40,000   Revenue: £32.46 billion

Business: Global health insurance business that delivers pharmaceutical products direct to customers’ homes. The service is offered via two data centres using customer service agents.

Challenge: Customer payment systems were unsecure and cumbersome, creating a poor customer satisfaction rate and impacting volume of payments taken.   

Solution: CallGuard Audio Tokenisation On-site.


  • Contact centre de-scoped
  • No data enters the system
  • Secures at-home agents
  • Customer and agent stay in contact
  • Increase in payments


This large organisation is based in Bloomfield, Connecticut and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a global health insurance organisation with 95 million customers around the world. Their aim is to help individuals and families improve their health, well-being and sense of security – and lower their medical costs. They specialise in medical, dental, behavioural and disability services and provide access to a global network of local physicians and hospitals as well as 24x7x365 live customer service. In 2017 they acquired another large health service organisation for US$67 billion dollars.


The business operates a home delivery pharmacy for orders or refills and offers discounts on certain products for those who sign up to the service. Their 1,000-seat home delivery contact centre was taking card payment for these products through their IVR which was not secure and so exposed the agents, and the customers’ card data, to the risk of theft or fraud.

In addition, at the point of payment, the agent would have to pass the customer to the IVR to enter their card details which meant that the engagement was interrupted as the customer and agent were no longer in contact. As a result, the agent did not know whether the payment had actually been completed. The business considered both these facts to be unacceptable and delivered a poor customer experience, damaging their customer satisfaction scores and the volume of payments.

A further challenge was presented by their desire to use at-home agents to maximise available talent without geographic restrictions. But, this presented a problem around how to ensure that the payment and sensitive data was secure outside the corporate environment.

Their QSA had advised that they would benefit from taking their contact centre out of scope of the PCI DSS audit to simplify the entire compliance process and significantly reduce any risks associated with payment card fraud.

The business prides itself on delivering the very best customer service and so wanted to demonstrate that it takes the security of its customers’ data as seriously as it does their health.


Eckoh delivered its CallGuard Audio Tokenisation On-site which completely removes the contact centre from the scope of PCI DSS compliance. It does this by effectively putting a shield around the contact centre, preventing sensitive data from entering the company’s systems. The solution also means the agent and customer stay in contact throughout the call so there is no break in the engagement, any queries can be resolved, and the customer experience is vastly improved.

Eckoh installed 52 audio appliances in the company’s two data centres and the solution was tested and approved to handle 12,000 concurrent sessions. The solution was broken down into Phase 1 – IVR production and Phase 2 - Agent population. Discussions are in train to roll-out the solution to other user groups and provide the ability to handle outbound calling campaigns.


  • Home delivery agents are fully de-scoped from the PCI DSS audit.
  • Solution de-scopes at-home agents
  • Agents and customer stay in contact throughout the call
  • Delivers a vastly improved customer experience and conversion rate.
  • Simplified PCI DSS compliance audit.


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