Manufacturers are being hit by steep increases in inflation, supply chain disruption and new data security threats across a wider attack surface.

Rising energy bills, soaring raw material prices and expensive transportation have put an extra focus on cost — and how to stay profitable. Meanwhile, economic uncertainty can delay investment decisions and impact customer demand.

Against this backdrop, today’s manufacturers need their customer contact centers to run like well-oiled machines. If any extra production costs are being passed onto customers, then they’ll expect a better all-around experience, not a worse one.

Hiring and retaining knowledgeable contact center teams is essential but talent is in short supply. Fortunately, new technology can provide effective answers.

Stay profitable when margins are squeezed

Do more with less and extend your hours, thanks to automated, 24x7 self-service for customers

Improve your cashflow position

Let customers interact and pay quickly, using whichever channel they prefer

Strengthen PCI DSS security and compliance

Keep sensitive cardholder details completely outside of your contact center environment

Make your agents more effective

Empower your contact center and home-based agents with secure chat and other tools

Optimize your contact center

Use a performance dashboard to improve customer journeys and the handling of inquiries and payments

Eckoh can help you to deliver a marked change in efficient customer service and payment security without having to invest in new hardware. Put simply, you can optimize your contact center operation alongside your manufacturing processes.

You can do more with less, thanks to 24/7 advanced customer self-service, powered by speech recognition, alongside automated IVR payments and digital payments. And when conversations are needed, your agents can handle more calls and payments faster, thanks to secure voice and chat services.

With a flexible and PCI DSS secure platform from Eckoh, you can also avoid weak links within your contact center environment that criminals could exploit. Even if your agents work from home and take payments, you can keep cardholder data safe.

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