As the global leader in secure customer engagement, we’ll enable you to navigate an ever-changing world of technology and compliance as new contact channels, digital payment methods and compliance regulations emerge.

Eckoh helps you to drive customer engagement, trust and loyalty while exceeding compliance requirements and ensuring a high level of security across all your communication channels.

Our deep sector expertise and innovative technology will put you ahead of the curve. That’s why global enterprises trust us with their customer data, revenues and reputations.

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We care about making the world secure.
We believe everyone should be able to trust every brand and engage without risk.
Our mission is to set the standard for secure interactions between consumers and the world’s leading brands.
Our innovative products build trust and deliver value through exceptional experiences.
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What working with Eckoh can mean for you

Future-proof your business

We’ll empower your contact center team with the vision, technology and momentum to stay agile. You’ll be ready to meet new challenges — and capitalize on emerging CX opportunities before competitors.

Why Eckoh Contact Centre

Go beyond compliance

It’s essential to know your customer channels are ultra secure, payment data is protected and hybrid working is safe for everyone. We’ll take you beyond PCI DSS security — without hefty costs and complexity.

Why Eckoh Compliance

Let’s build a relationship

We lead the way in long-term partnerships with global brands and large-scale implementations. Our very high customer retention rate and satisfaction scores exceed the industry standard, at 9.4 versus the average of 8.5.

Why Eckoh Business Relationship

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Did you know, organizations securely process billions in payments using our solutions every year? And our business is growing fast, because consumers highly value our solutions too.

We’re a market leader in terms of longevity, product coverage, size & number of enterprise clients as well as financial strength. Plus we’ve got a long track record of innovating to ensure our clients get access to the latest developments in the security and payments market.

Take a closer look at the infographic, explore our credentials and discover more about our story.

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Welcome to the world of agile and ultra-secure customer engagement

The Eckoh Secure Engagement Suite gives you all the tools you need to close the contact center security gap, protecting your customers’ payment and other personal data. At the same time, you can empower and improve the efficiency of your agents, wherever they are located.

Our technology is system agnostic, providing freedom of choice and flexibility alongside your existing contact center environment.

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Your experience and success matters to us

Get roadmap insights

We’ll understand and empathize with your objectives. Why? Because we operate a hybrid contact center ourselves, which gives us a unique perspective as practitioners and advisors. We can test new solutions in real-world scenarios — and keep you closely updated as our exciting roadmap evolves.

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Rely on our expertise

Our helpful team has a deep knowledge of the contact center world and the specific challenges in each sector. We’ll provide the expertise and support you need. Meet our leadership team, take a look at our clients and explore their case studies.