Energy and other utility companies face extreme pressure and scrutiny over supply and cost challenges, even though many causes are beyond their control. A tense environment exists where consumers, politicians and the media will be swift to highlight any customer service lapses or data security breaches

Providers need to tread carefully and always be seen to act responsibly. They must demonstrate great service — and with extra sensitivity, especially around vulnerable customers. But that’s hard when budgets are tight and quality agents are in short supply.

Any performance failures can impact industry scores and lead to action from regulators. This can impact profitability, investment and trust in a brand.

Fortunately, technology can help the sector with specific challenges.

Reduce call waiting times

Let customers choose between web services, secure chat, IVR and voice channels

Stay compliant with PCI DSS

Keep sensitive cardholder details completely outside of your contact center environment

Make your agents more effective

Empower your contact center and home-based agents with secure chat and other tools that deliver a better service

Build your brand despite the challenges

Do more with less, using technology to drive efficiency and service at the same time

Eckoh has vast experience in energy and other utilities. We’ll enable customers to engage with you in their way, on their device and at their convenience, minimizing stress.

With advanced IVR and speech recognition, customers can access their accounts 24/7, make secure payments and find help anonymously — if they want privacy. Alternatively, they can talk discreetly using secure chat with an agent, or you can route specific calls (such as emergencies or hardship issues) through to the right team to help.

At all times, cardholder details remain secure, thanks to Eckoh's PCI DSS-compliant solutions which prevent sensitive data from entering your contact center.

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