Compliance for today's contact centers


If you take card payments, you need to be PCI DSS compliant



Personal data now needs to be as secure as payment data



The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive now impacts a wider range of firms and people


Contact centers and customer service teams are often the most exposed to sensitive customer data because of their interaction with customers for sales or service.

As fraud and data breaches continue to rise, it’s critical for organizations to minimize their risk to these threats and to show their customers that they treat their security seriously.

Here are the key regulations that today’s contact centers need to comply with in order to carry out their business, continue taking payments and sharing customer details.

Eckoh's compliance credentials

When it comes to choosing a compliance partner, it pays to look at their track record and the customers who are putting their trust in their solutions. Eckoh has a long and robust history in compliance:

  • Our solutions can secure and protect payment and personal data, contributing to compliance to all regulations
  • PCI DSS Level One Service Provider since 2010 – the longest in the industry
  • Patented payment solutions shows we protect our IP and the integrity of our solutions
  • Our solutions are used in our own PCI DSS compliant contact center because we know that they work
  • There are 130 clients for our PCI DSS compliant secure payment solutions in the UK, US and Europe
  • Currently we process over $2billion in card payments annually
  • Our solutions have won multiple industry awards for security and innovation
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