Transportation and logistics have always been at the sharp end of business. But today, the pressure comes from every direction. Supply chains are stressed from the pandemic, fuel costs have spiraled and economic uncertainty abounds. At the same time, expectations continue to soar among consumers and businesses.

Many factors are beyond the control of freight operators, shipping agents, trucking companies, couriers and logistics firms. But businesses can find new ways to stay profitable, do more with less — and improve the customer experience.

Customers crave certainty, especially when it comes to getting timely information on deliveries and secure payments. In response, transport and logistics companies can build greater trust, positive reviews and loyalty via their contact centers.

Increase customer loyalty and trust

Compete and win — because your service is known for being secure and responsive

Stay profitable when margins are squeezed

Do more with less and extend your hours, thanks to automated, 24/7 self-service for customers

Improve your cashflow position

Let customers interact and pay quickly, using whichever channel they prefer

Strengthen card security and compliance

Protect sensitive customer information, even if your attack surface extends across countries

Keep your teams secure and responsive

Empower agents to work effectively and take secure payments in your contact center or remotely

With the right contact center tools from Eckoh, you can succeed in a world where everything needs to move faster — but where customer relationships must never spin out of control.

You can deliver the convenience that customers crave, thanks to 24/7 advanced customer self-service, powered by speech recognition, alongside automated IVR payments and digital payments. And when agent conversations are needed, your teams can handle more calls and payments faster, thanks to secure voice and chat services.

With a flexible and PCI DSS secure platform from Eckoh, you can keep pace with customers and avoid having any weak links within your contact center environment that criminals could exploit.

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