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Make it easier to get in touch and pay in any channel
Make it easier to get in touch and pay in any channel

Encouraging your customers to get in touch is your greatest challenge. But, once they've done that there are other challenges to be faced. Here's how we help...

#1 Providing easier ways to engage 

Solution: Offer other options for getting in touch beyond just the phone - using any channel, any device and at any time.Debt collections stats 1

How to do that...

  • Chat is popular because consumers get specific answers quickly
  • Chatbots can deliver the basic, repetitive responses without human intervention
  • Messaging can get specific information to consumers about an issue and keep them updated.

#2 Helping consumers avoid embarrassment

Solution: Recognise that anonymity in engagement can encourage people to get in touch. 

How to do that...

#3 Making it personal - if that's what people want

Solution: Personalising messages can help create a better relationship and make customers more inclined to stay in touch.Debt collections stats 2

How to do that...

  • Identification and verification technology confirms who you’re talking to so you can apply personalisation to engagements and call them by name, personally address emails and Chats and send relevant information. Integrated channels avoids customers repeating themselves. 

#4 Significantly reducing risks

Solution: Prevent sensitive cardholder or personal data entering your systems in the first place. Prove your compliance to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard(PCI DSS) and GDPR for customer reassurance.

How to do that...

#5 Handling more calls without adding more agents

Solution: Do more with less by harnessing technology to work in tandem with live agents.

How to do that...

Automated, Self-Service payment solutions means that your agents are free to handle more valuable calls. Customers can opt to pay or engage by Self-Service when it suits them and the volume of engagements and payments can be maintained – or even increased.


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[2] Dynarisk Feb2020


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