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Audio Tokenisation

Remove your entire contact centre from scope, without any integration

Audio Tokenisation is a revolutionary approach. It converts sensitive digits conveyed as DTMF tones, to non-sensitive placeholders, devaluing card data the moment it enters your environment. The placeholders are spoken as words (such as ‘three’) to the agent, who types them directly into the same payment fields they use today, so there is no change and Eckoh’s approach allows you to avoid complex IT and telephony projects. Implementation times are minimised as a result, as is the amount of time and effort your teams need to contribute to a de-scoping project. The placeholder data can also be automatically entered on the agent's screen as asterisks. With Audio Tokenisation the agent doesn't see, or hear any sensitive data and it is not captured in recordings or stored.

Your payment processor receives exactly the same information as they do today, in the same format, through one of Eckoh’s secure hosted data centres. So, you don’t need to change APIs or make any changes with your payment processor.

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Why Audio Tokenisation

  • It's fast to deploy as there are no required changes to back-end systems including databases, CRM or IVRs,  no change needed to the payment service provider (PSP)
  • Works with existing payment processes, IVRs or telephony
  • Minimised scope of the PCI DSS audit as it de-values card data at the point it enters your contact centre environment so it is not seen, heard or recorded. It also un-couples technology from the PCI DSS compliance process
  • It works for everyone and is ideal for multi-site, global contact centres of BPOs and all agents can take payments no matter where they are – in a contact centre or a home-worker
  • Better experience by increasing real and perceived security, reduces risk of reputational or brand damage from agent fraud, improves average handling time and the agent-customer engagement is uninterrupted.

Eckoh's innovative secure payment solutions based on Audio Tokenisation are covered by UK, US and European patents. 

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