Eckoh’s listing on Visas Global Registry of Service Providers.

Visa Europe and Visa Inc have previously run separate listings for PCI validated Service Providers, Visa Europe under MARF (Merchant Agent Registration Form) and Visa Inc using the Global Registry of Service Providers. In December 2019 Visa Europe stopped publishing the list via MARF and also changed the registration requirements for the listing on the Global Registry, removing the self-registration process that has been in place throughout the 10+ years of Eckohs continuous compliance with PCI.

Visa’s new requirement is that Merchants should purchase services from Service Providers on the Visa list, but that also Merchants now also need to register their use of the Service Provider through their Acquirer to get on the list.

Eckoh as a Service Provider is now unable to request to be listed ourselves and are working through the new processes with a number of Merchants to ensure re-listing – It is our understanding that once one completes that process the re-listing will appear again. However, Merchants will need to continue to register Eckoh as their Service Provider with Visa even when Eckoh is listed.

Eckoh remains fully compliant and audited against the PCI standards, our Attestation of Compliance is available for Clients and our certificate of compliance is available here. The Report of Compliance has been validated and accepted Visa as part of their process - Since September 2019, as our last audit date and Eckoh continues to work with Visa to ensure our listing is maintained up to date.

Our customers, as Merchants, should contact their Acquirers to inform them of their use of Eckoh's Services and if required register Eckoh as a Service Provider to ensure these new Visa mandated rules are followed. We have seen over the year’s frequent changes in this process, so we will update if this situation changes.

Eckoh remains committed to providing the best and most secure solutions to our clients - enabling payments to be taken securely over any customer contact channel, regardless of where they are, globally.