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Giving a boost to end user customers with truly ‘genius’ online support
Giving a boost to end user customers with truly ‘genius’ online support


Industry: Retail Automotive    Employees: 8,000 UK   UK Investment: £2 billion

Business: Global automotive manufacturer and retailer looking to offer customised support for their clients wishing to configure their new cars with purchase in mind.

Challenge: Helping their customers to pinpoint exactly what they wanted from their new cars. Enquiries were uncompleted and sometimes unanswered.   

Solution: Web Chat, Call Back and Email management to assisted in the customer journey.


  • Over 20,000 chats in two months
  • 80% of csutomers completed end of service survey.
  • Increased engagement from clients via Chat
  • Smooth deployment, on time while juggling multiple parties, locations and systems.


BMW Group employs around 8,000 people directly in the UK with an additional 11,000 in its 147-strong Retailer network representing BMW and MINI brands. The UK is BMW Group’s fourth largest sales market in the world. The company has invested over £1 billion in its UK operations since 2000 and a further £760 million between 2012 and 2015.

The UK has an important role to play within the BMW Group. It is the only place in the world where all three of BMW Group’s brands – BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars – are represented by manufacturing operations.


BMW contacted Eckoh to help develop and enhance their customer service with Eckoh’s Omni-Channel suite.

BMW wanted to offer customised customer support to people visiting their new eRetail platform where people can configure their car online and begin the purchasing journey.

With a complex website and multiple products and options, BMW customers sometimes found it difficult to pin-point exactly what they’re looking for.

When they left the website with their issue unresolved or query unanswered, BMW knew they had to find an easier way to guide them.

BMW decided to provide ‘Genius’ support to end user customers with a customer engagement product that could integrate with their application platform.

They needed a solution provider to help them bring their idea to life and contacted Eckoh.


To assist customers with their website journey, Eckoh provided a multi-channel help solution using Web Chat; Instant Call-back and Email.

When a customer is browsing the site, the service analyses mouse movement, pages looked through, time spent on pages and scrolling. At certain key points, notifications will appear on their screen inviting them to chat online, email or get an instant callback with an agent.

At the end of each chat or call back a specially developed survey provided essential feedback about the service direct from the customer.

Customers began using the services the moment they were deployed, providing valuable feedback, data and results to the BMW team.

Eckoh worked with BMW, their digital marketing agency and call centre operator to create a completely customised service integration into the BMW eRetail platform, and call centre environment.

The Eckoh service was embedded within the digital agency’s application allowing them to retain control over service appearance.

Eckoh provided a flexible and robust front-end integration and were able to work as if they were part of our digital team. Without this level of flexibility and support during the implementation process we would not have been able to deliver the service as designed by our digital agency. Paul Kester, BMW UK


Within two months of launching, BMW recorded in excess of 20,000 calls and chats.

This not only exemplifies the popularity of the communication channels, but 80% of customers that completed the end-of-service survey said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the help they received.

BMW have published a press release about this which appeared in the BMW Press Club.

I think what surprised us the most, was the percentage of customers wanting to engage with us via web chat. Whilst not replacing existing and established communication methods, it made and continues to make a massive contribution towards making the BMW brand as accessible as possible to our customers. Paul Kester, BMW UK



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