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Insurance Intermediary Company
Increasing security of telephone payments for compliance and reduced risk
Increasing security of telephone payments for compliance and reduced risk


Industry: Financial Services - insurance   Employees: 3,800   Revenue: £535m

Background: Insurance intermediary group seeking to increase the level of security for customer payments

Challenge: Increasing security around telephone payments to meet regulations and reduce risk

Solution: CallGuard On-site transition to CallGuard Hosted


  • The entire contact centre is de-scoped from PCI DSS audit
  • Reduced risk of fraud and impact of a data breach
  • CallGuard is flexible to meet business growth plans


This international insurance intermediary group provides insurance broking and has an underwriting agency arm. They operate from 38 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas. In a competitive sector, the business recognises that they need to be at the forefront of innovation using data and technology to provide the right products to their clients. Their investment in technology-led initiatives remains a key focus for the business year on year.

Their contact centre handles card payments from customers across all sectors when taking our insurance policies through the business.


This business has been a customer of Eckoh since 2017 after adopting the CallGuard On-site solution that was in place with a company that they acquired. The business acknowledged the simplicity of the solution and implemented it across their entire business – de-scoping their agents and call/screen recordings from the scope of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS audit.  Compliance to PCI DSS is required by the major card companies if you take card payments over the phone and store, transmit or process sensitive payment card details.

This solution worked well for some time but with the growth of the business, it was decided to reduce the burden of compliance even further and increase the level of security around their payment process to meet the demands of industry regulation. They had two options:

1) outsource the payment handling to a 3rd party or

2) increase the level of payment security technology within their contact centre so they can process their own, in-house, fully compliant payments.


Eckoh proposed replacing the existing On-site solution with Eckoh’s CallGuard Hosted version. The solution is ideal for organisations that take high volumes of telephone payments through their contact centre – locally and around the world. It effectively puts a shield around the contact centre, preventing any sensitive personal or payment data entering the contact centre environment. So, if it’s not there it can’t be stolen or used in fraud.

Global insurance group uses CallGuard Hosted solution to boost its contact centre payment card security to mitigate business risk and meet industry regulation.


  • The entire contact centre is de-scoped from the PCI DSS audit – including the network and infrastructure
  • Significant reduction in risk of fraud and impact of a data breach
  • Security around telephone card payments is substantially increased to meet regulation and PCI DSS compliance
  • CallGuard is flexible to scale up, or down, to suit the business growth and acquisition plans.



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