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Coping with the threats of new entrants and customer switching
Coping with the threats of new entrants and customer switching

New market entrants, highly compelling service and cost benefits and customer inclination to switch suppliers all pose challenges to the sector. Here's how we can help... 

#1 Being able to get, and stay, ahead of the competition

Solution: Become agile to outstrip the competition by being able to scale up your engagement channels easily.Gas Elec stats 3

 How to do that...

A single, comprehensive cloud-based platform (Eckoh Experience Portal) contains all the engagement and payment solutions you could need. You take the ones you need today and add new ones when you need them - all from one supplier.

#2 Repairing consumer trust

Solution: Secure sensitive data and prove to consumers that you take their data protection seriously. Achieve and maintain compliance to minimise the risk to your business.

How to do that..

#3 Providing customer service in every way

Solution: Create technology-enabled customer engagement to work in tandem with live agents.

How to do that...

  • Chat is popular because consumers get specific answers quickly
  • Messaging can get specific information to consumers about an issue and keep them updated
  • IVR and Natural Language mean you can be open and available 24x7x365
  • Knowledge Base can feed Chatbots and agents with pre-set, accurate and consistent answers
  • Social Agent helps you keep your eyes and ears on what's being said on social media.

#4  Discourage your consumers from switching supplier

Solution: Be the supplier people want to buy from by making every engagement seamless and simple.

How to do that...Gas Elec stats 1

  • Chat is a popular engagement channel because consumers get the answer they want quickly
  • Payment in Chat means you don't have to send your customer elseswhere when they're ready to pay
  • e-Wallet Payments let your customers pay over the phone using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal or Pay by Bank app. 
  • Chatbots and Self-Service can keep you open 24x7x365 so consumers can get in touch when it suits them.

#5 Overcoming staff shortages

Solution: Retain the knowledge of experienced staff and share the load with technology.

How we help...

  • Chatbots can handle the mundane enquiries, freeing up your agents.
  • Knowledge Base feeds Chatbots and agents with up to date, accurate and consistent responses or issue crisis communications.


If you'd like to know more about how we can help you meet these challenges, get in touch. 



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