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Reducing customer bills without lowering customer service
Reducing customer bills without lowering customer service

Delivering the highest quality customer service is still one of the water sector's biggest challenges in its bid to secure the funding that it needs to deliver its services. But, there are other challenges too. Here's how we can help...

#1 Reducing consumer bills without compromising customer service

Solution: Reduce the cost to serve your consumers.Water stat 1

How to do that...

#2 Struggling to give customers more of what they want

Solution: Do more with less by optimising the way you use resources.

How to do that...

  • Chat is popular because consumers get specific answers quickly and agents can handle simultaneous chats
  • Payment in Chat means you don't have to send the customer elsewhere to pay
  • Automated payments and Chatbots can be used to give out information, take payments or make bookings at any time of day or night.

#3 Being available 24x7 without more agentsWater stat 2

Solution: Embrace and encourage Self-Service.

How to do that...

  • IVR and Natural Language mean you can be open and available 24x7x365
  • Chatbots can deliver the basic, repetitive responses without human intervention
  • Knowledge Base will feed your Chatbot and your agents with accurate, up to date and consistent reponses.

#4 Encourage consumers to pay

Solution: Make it easier and more secure to pay in any channel. 

How to do that...

#5 Taking control in a crisis

Solution: Get your message out first and fast to all your consumers

How to do that...

  • Chatbots can become your virtual assistant and deliver the latest information easily
  • Messaging can get specific information to consumers about an issue and keep them updated
  • Social Agent helps you keep track of what your consumers are saying and step in to put something right or take the credit.

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