Future-proof your organization with Eckoh

In the ever-changing world of technology and compliance, we ensure that your organization can meet growing consumer expectations.

Eckoh's Secure Engagement Suite gives you the tools to close the contact center security gap — protecting your members' financial details and other sensitive data while empowering and improving the efficiency of your customer engagement agents — no matter where they're located.

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Is your contact center ready?

PCI DSS version 4.0 is fast approaching, bringing a significant shift in how organizations should approach and maintain securing customer payment data.

Catch up on our latest webinar with Jeremy King (Regional VP at the PCI Security Standards Council), we'll discuss how PCI DSS 4.0 will impact your contact center and what you need to do ahead of April 2024.

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The most effective, cost-efficient product for securing phone payments. CallGuard reduces fraud risk, protects your customers' data and helps your organization go beyond PCI DSS compliance.

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CallGuard in >4 minutes

Securely engage with your members without the risk of sensitive data ever entering your contact center environment.

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Keeps the agent and customer connected throughout the process while making sure that sensitive data is never seen by agents, never available on the agent's desktop and never stored in any transcripts.

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Secure Call Recording

Capture customer conversations, transcribe them on-demand and then use AI-powered, sentiment heatmaps to deliver business insights.

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Secure Digital Payments

Remove barriers to customers completing their transactions. Offer them their preferred payment method and see the difference in speed, security, and customer satisfaction.

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Protect your customers by preventing their personal data from being seen, heard or stored by customer-facing teams, systems or processes.

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Be an insurance innovator with Eckoh

Discover how to enhance the agent experience, develop member loyalty and build trust in your Blue Cross Blue Shield organization. Download our infographic to learn more.

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Read about how we've helped clients achieve PCI DSS compliance

Direct Marketing Organization

Innovating a secure payment solution for complex cloud environments

Eckoh delivers innovative CallGuard solution to secure agent-assisted payments in the cloud.

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Health Insurer Florida

Securing payment and improving customer satisfaction for health insurer

Leading health insurer with 8 million members in Florida.

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Discover all the latest insights on PCI DSS 4.0

Does contact center compliance give you security?

2 Aug 2023

Will PCI DSS 4.0 compliance give your contact center robust security — creating a force field around sensitive information? At a time when data breaches can run into millions of dollars, it’s important to know the difference between compliance and security.

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Compliance vs Security: What's the difference?

24 Jul 2023

Contact center security and compliance are two important considerations for financial organizations operating call centers or other customer service centers.

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Please note, Eckoh is unlikely to be cost-effective if you have fewer than 50 agents in your contact center.

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