Agent desktops: Seven ways to get the best ROI


24 Jul 2018

Unified agent desktops can transform the fortunes of US contact centers and enhance their relationships with customers. But why do some deliver a much faster payback than others?

Customer retention rockets
The case for a unified desktop is compelling. Swapping dozens of screens and system log-ins in for a single interface that combines everything is great news. Overnight, it becomes easier for agents to deal with customer requests and sell extra services.

In fact, Aberdeen Group discovered that desktop optimization programs run by organizations were improving customer retention rates by an astonishing 44% average, year on year.*

But why are some companies cashing in quickly and claiming a generous return on investment - while others are discovering their plans are being torpedoed by hidden costs? When you look closer, it's easy to see why.

Seven key areas that will make or break your ROI
If your organization is considering a new agent desktop, then see if it can meet these seven requirements, which will make all the difference when it comes to a rapid ROI.

#1: Speedy deployment
Choosing a zero-client desktop, 100% browser-based, with no software to install at the agent seat, will get you off to a flying start. You can roll out the desktop within weeks to thousands of agents - and start benefitting sooner. The right solution will merge easily with platforms, applications and analytics, so you won't get mired in expensive integration costs and complexity.

#2: Minimal running costs
Admin and support costs can be tiny with the right desktop - if you pick a solution with a solid track record for reliability. Instead of calling up a vendor every time you want changes, you'll find your web team can manage with their programming skills. A browser-based desktop will be that simple ... because the best ones are designed to be managed by the user not the vendor.

#3: Intuitive interface
Agent training time and cost will minimal if you choose a desktop with a social media-type interface that'll feel instantly familiar to your staff. The best desktops can bring in-depth customer data together in one place, yet still be simple for agents to use. The brains behind today's leading desktops have cracked how it's done.

#4: Swifter resolution
Once your agents have a consistent view of the customer across the business from the front office to the back office, then customer engagement can be transformed. You can reduce AHT (average handling time) and increase first-time resolution. To put it another way, you can complete far more customer transactions with the same resources.

#5: Increased loyalty and sales
With greater insight at their fingertips, agents can engage better with customers and build trust. Instead of doing battle with multiple systems, agents will have more time to boost sales and revenue with targeted upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

#6: Management information
Real-time insights enable managers to keep your contact center working at optimal performance, so you can keep maximizing your desktop's ROI. Alarms and reporting thresholds can be set so you can spot problems before any customers are affected. Managers can also check agent performance and arrange extra training where needed.

#7: Future-proofing
Customer expectations continue to soar. But with the right agent desktop, you'll have the agility to keep pace with new behaviors, channels, and preferences. It's easy to extend, upgrade and change the best desktops within hours - not months. And if you deploy new systems elsewhere in the business or merge with another company, your desktop won't topple over, because integration will be simple. You'll have a solution that keeps on giving when it comes to ROI.

Get the fastest return
Put simply, with the right agent desktop, your business can be light on its feet - avoiding delays and dodging costs, while deepening customer relationships.

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*Aberdeen Group: Agent Desktop Optimization