Agent desktops: Unified agent desktops: Ready to unleash some magic?


13 Jul 2018

The right agent desktop can do magical things transforming relationships between businesses and customers. But what's the secret behind it all? You may be surprised.

Contact center wizardry
On one level, the world's leading unified agent desktops are ingenious layers of technology, integrating seamlessly with platforms, applications and analytics. In a single wave of a wand, they make multiple screens vanish completely - replacing them with a single interface that provides agents with everything they need to know, to serve customers better.

But that's only half of it. The real secret of their success is that desktops do something more primal ... they turn agents into people.

It sounds harsh, but many people hate getting in touch with contact centers. They view agents as cyber minions employed by huge, faceless machines that are out to make their lives harder.

In fact, nearly one-third of consumers would rather clean a toilet than talk to customer service, according to a study from Aspect Software.* Things have got that bad.

However, the right unified desktop solution can save the valuable customer/agent relationship and make it rewarding again for everyone.

Bringing worlds together
Agent desktops restore relationships by getting the simple things right. To put it another way, they succeed in bringing the agent back into the customer's world. Now everything is human again. Now it's warm and personal.

Here's how it's done:

Customers finally feel understood: When a desktop combines everything a company knows about the customer and presents it in the right way in one place, suddenly the agent has the ability to help - and to know what the customer needs, based on their contact history. There's no confusion, misunderstanding or requirement to repeat basic information.

Customers get answers quickly: At last, customers feel they have found someone they can have confidence in...someone who 'gets it'. What's more, the agent is able to put their finger on the problem and fix it the first time and even show a little empathy in the process. If the desktop gives an agent instant access to everything, then they can do anything. Customer trust is regained. And all it took was a 60-second conversation.

Agents see the world in the same way: Typically, many customers use multiple channels and hop between them. With an advanced desktop, agents can do the same. The walls have come down. Agents can channel shift, mirroring the activities of customers and delving into back-office systems to solve issues. Interactions can take place over the phone, social media or web chat ... whatever the customer prefers.

Queues can be minimized: No one likes to be kept waiting. But the right desktop tech provides managers with real-time views of queues across the contact center. They can advise on wait times, arrange callbacks or bring in other agent groups - and alter the agent desktop on the fly to match customer types. Incoming calls, chats and messages can be handled with ease. Lengthy waits can be a thing of the past.

Getting approval is faster: Inevitably, complex interactions may require agents to check an issue with line managers. But customers no longer need to be left dangling on the line. Agents can web chat with senior colleagues while interacting with customers and keeping them part of the conversation. Interactions are a smoother, curated experience rather than a stop-start exchange.

Think human
When choosing a unified agent desktop, companies often focus on the tech - and rightly so. But never lose sight of a simple truth: It's the customer experience delivered by the desktop that matters most.

If the unified desktop you choose enables your agents to become more human, enter your customers' world and get closer to their issues, then you're on the right path. Only then will customer satisfaction really take off and sales begin to soar.

Coral's unified desktop from Eckoh is a great example of what's possible. Discover how you can have your cake and eat it with a cloud-based unified desktop that lowers the cost of ownership and delivers amazing customer experiences.

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'Customer, Serve Thy Self' (Aspect)