Is your Chat or Chatbot a top performing salesperson?


2 Jun 2020

If you're wondering how to get more sales or bill payments across the line, then the answer could reside with your Chat or Chatbot.

Your customers expect a smooth journey to get their questions answered in Chat or a Chatbot. But what happens when you've answered those questions - what do you want the customer to do then? Ideally, you want to ask them - "would you like to buy this, pay your balance or make a payment ?" for example - and give them the means to do it immediately without having to use another channel.

Empowering your Chat or Chatbot to encouraging a customer to make a purchase or payment isn't some fantastical notion - it's a reality.

The ability to manage a secure, uninterrupted payment within a Chat or Chatbot session can boost your e-commerce profitability and make a huge difference to your revenue. It can make the difference between a customer buying or a customer bailing.

69% of all online shoppers abandon their shopping carts [1]

77 of consumers won't make a purchase unless there's a live chat support option [2]

Let's look at why you would want customers to pay in Chat Chatbot...

Increased sales: Once the customer is engaged in the Chat or Chatbot, there's no reason for them to channel shift when it comes to making a payment, providing a better customer experience. The customer can be helped to put items in their shopping cart, add a complementary item to their order or make the purchase there and then, all within the Chat or Chatbot conversation. For more complex orders, they can be guided through the checkout process, and even on the payment page. The point is, the journey is continuous and whether they are assisted by an agent through Chat, or self-serving with a Chatbot, they can complete their mission in that channel.

Keeping customer trust: Cart abandonment tends to happen at the point of online payment. Whether it's second thoughts, needing time to think, no guest checkout, adding billing details, a lack of payment options or the payment page just doesn't look right (no trust marks), that's the time to take step in to take care of your customers. Sometimes all that's needed is someone to reassure them and answer questions or concerns. Firstly, adding the payment forms within the Chat or Chatbot session will reassure the customer that they are in the right place and their payment is secure. Secondly, the agent or bot is always at hand if there's a hesitation or any further questions before they decide to pay. This will ultimately help a buyer to stay on track and complete their order or payment.

Quick and stress free: Customers are often extremely impatient. If it seems like a lot of time and trouble, they'll abandon. Making a payment within a Chat or Chatbot session needs to be quick, easy, secure and hassle free. Presenting the payment form in the Chat or Chatbot session means it's ultra-easy, and if there are any concerns that it's too easy, the Chat agent or Chatbot is there to answer any questions during the payment process.

Make ChatGuard part of your security team

Customers want reassurance that their payments are being handled securely, and as a business, so do you. Finding a solution that will not only make the customer experience a good one, PLUS ensure there are no security leaks, can seem like a big ask. Eckoh has been providing multi-channel payment security systems for contact centers for over 20 years. Our ChatGuard product enables your organization to take secure payments in any instance of Chat or Chatbot. It will turn these channels into virtual 'sales people', capable of operating 24x7 and offering highly personalized sales engagements that create long lasting relationships with your customers.

ChatGuard's not just a pretty interface! It's powered by Eckoh's extremely robust, patented technology that's PCI DSS compliant. It actually stops customer card data from ever entering your organization, removing the risk of fraud in the event of a data breach. Neither the Chat agents nor the Chatbot system 'sees' or stores any card data entered by the customer.

With secure Chat and Chatbot payments, your business can keep the sales coming in, retain people's trust, and deliver a hand-held e-commerce experience whenever it's needed.

To see just how simple this is for you and your customers, watch our demo video. Or get in touch to discuss how ChatGuard can work for your organization.


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