Is your PCI DSS strategy holding you back?


27 Jan 2022

The recent drastic changes to how and where the world works have created a renewed push to secure customer card data. But hastily implemented solutions aren't a durable solution for the long haul.

Since the start of 2020, there has been a significant shift to remote work that appears to be here for good. Whether an organization is 100% remote or adopting hybrid working schedules, security solutions had to expand to cover a wider surface. In most cases, a makeshift collection of solutions was deployed to tackle this new issue.

But now that remote/hybrid work culture is being embraced, not implementing a solid, well-rounded security system creates an expensive distraction. Add in the ever-shifting sands of PCI DSS compliance, and security issues begin to affect your customer experience and will even likely lead to lost business.

Here are a few examples of how expensive compliance band-aids can stifle your business:

  1. Regulations change so you have to update every piece of your puzzle.
    You were able to get your contact and call center environment compliant with PCI DSS. It took separate solutions that don't necessarily interact with each other, and IT had a large hand in the implementation, but you succeeded. Until you haven't. When new regulations are inevitably introduced, launching another large project starts the process all over. That is time, money and IT resources better spent on other projects that add value to your customers.
  2. Your security umbrella can't leave remote workers in the rain.
    The pandemic pivot to remote agents isn't going away. And that's a good thing! Hiring remote workers creates a larger talent pool to find agents with the skills and expertise to deliver exceptional customer service in a more accessible contact center. But, having agents who remotely access an organization's systems can lead to a larger attack surface for cybercriminals. A multi-solution approach to PCI DSS leaves room for data to fall through security cracks between on-premise systems and remote agents, and potentially detract resources that affect customer experience.
  3. If you're worried about compliance, you might not hear your customers.
    A clunky, fragmented security solution might work for you today, but what about in the future? If all of your resources and attention are spent maintaining a big puzzle of disparate pieces, how can your company expand into new payment channels? Today's consumers want secure options in their channel of choice, like web chat for example. Consumers want a friction-free experience where they can take control of how and when they make payments. But this can present a security threat and again increase the attack surface of an organization. Additionally, if you're implementing an additional security solution to ensure compliance, that's one more distraction and resource-hog to worry about.

What's clear is that attempting to manage PCI DSS compliance and contact center security yourself - using a large swath of solutions - starts to stifle business performance and flexibility. Instead of patchwork, organizations need to reconsider their entire security plan and embrace an approach that lifts the security burden off their team. Rather than creating a cycle of continual interference with your resources, you can focus on innovating and enhancing your customer experience into the future.

At Eckoh, we want to be your single service PCI DSS compliance solution. We've developed a suite of proven security solutions to streamline your organization's strategy and limit day-to-day involvement with your limited IT resources. After all, your team should be free to attentively tend to your customers.

Our solutions are seamless, all-encompassing and designed to form a shield around your organization. You're completely de-scoped from day one and always compliant - today and into the future. Eckoh is at the forefront of PCI DSS compliance and we proactively update our solutions to meet growing consumer demands and industry trends. We're also agile enough to cover the channels you haven't thought of and offer solutions for every sized organization.

Wondering how it's done?
Discover how to protect yourself against fraud in the contact center in the best way possible by downloading your copy of Why You Need to Rethink Your PCI DSS Strategy.

Inside, you'll find the reasons why change is crucial and how you can embrace an approach that lifts the security burden off your team. Rather than holding you back, your PCI DSS strategy can then enable you to innovate and offer new payment options that please customers and help win their loyalty.

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