The importance of secure payments in the utility sector


8 Aug 2017

Utility companies in the US experienced 40% more data breaches in 2016 than in 2015 [1]. With the ever increasing sophistication of hackers it's becoming even more critical to ensure that your customers' personal and payment card data is protected.

Even if you don't have a competitor in your state it doesn't mean that you shouldn't be concerned about data security and delivering the best customer service.

#1 Are your contact center payments really secure?

What are you currently using to safeguard your customers personal and payments card data? Can you be sure that sensitive data is not entering your contact center or IT environment? Can you be sure that your agents do not hear, see or have access to sensitive data?

If not you could be exposed to the very real risk of having this data stolen and used by criminals. In turn, this will expose you to the risk of a substantial fine.

#2 Do you need to extend your security and PCI DSS compliance measures?

Payments through your contact center may well be PCI DSS compliant - but online payments and automatic top-ups mean that these will fall under the scope of PCI DSS compliance. You will need to show that they have extended your solutions to cover these channels to maintain compliance and avoid the risk of a data breach. With a huge choice of payment options such as Agent Assisted payments, Self Service payments and even Apple Pay - you have the opportunity to deliver outstanding customer experience that will help you reduce the risk of a data breach.

#3 Some of our utility customers who are benefitting from our solutions

Great Lakes Energy - part of Touchstone Energy Cooperative, the largest provider of power and energy solutions in the USA

Sempra Energy - the largest American natural gas provider serves more than 32million customers

Progress Energy -a subsidiary of Duke Energy serves electricity to 3.1million customers

LGE & KU PPOL companies - Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities serve 1.3millino customers with gas and electricity

Entergy Corporation - generates and distributes electricity to 2.8million customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas

How can Eckoh help?

Eckoh are one of the leading providers of Contact Center and Secure Payment solutions that deliver outstanding customer experience. As a PCI DSS Level One Service Provider since 2010 we have extensive experience in helping clients achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance and so avoid the risk of damaging data breaches. We also operate our own PCI DSS compliant contact center and so we know the challenges you face when delivering the best customer engagement.

Want to know more?

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