A leading events venue that hosts conferences, exhibitions, and entertainment events - including the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest - in the heart of Liverpool, UK.

Company Profile: ACC Liverpool

  • Business: ACC Liverpool is a leading events venue that hosts conferences, exhibitions, and entertainment events in the heart of Liverpool, UK.
  • Location: ACC Liverpool is located at Kings Dock, Liverpool, UK
  • Operation: ACC Liverpool operates a 20-agent contact center, providing support to customers during their events and exhibitions.

Act 1: Setting the Stage

In the world of events, there is no room for error when it comes to payments. As one of the UK’s largest event venues, ACC Liverpool had to make sure their payment processes were secure and compliant with PCI DSS standards. But ACC Liverpool wanted to do more than just meet compliance standards; they wanted to go beyond them.

Act 2: Overcoming the Challenge

However, they faced challenges due to sharing infrastructure with Liverpool Council, a local government body. This meant they had to consider multiple systems in their overall solution while following best practices to comply with security standards.

One of the challenges they faced was that they shared infrastructure with Liverpool Council, which meant they had to consider multiple systems in the final overall solution. The implementation process was mostly smooth sailing, but certain sites within Liverpool Council were understandably off-limits, presenting some significant technical challenges.

However, Eckoh’s technical delivery team were on hand to work alongside ACC Liverpool's IT department, calling on their vast amount of experience in dealing with complex infrastructures to resolve any issues swiftly, keeping the project firmly on track. Eckoh's project management process ensured that the ACC Liverpool team were always informed of the next steps, resulting in a proactive and efficient implementation.

Act 3: Impressive Results

Since the implementation of Eckoh's solution, ACC Liverpool have experienced impressive results. Advisors found the system easy to use and were quickly trained on it, eliminating the need for extensive training hours. Customers were reassured by the added security in the payments process. Any initial concerns that customers may struggle to use the new system were short-lived, as customer service agents are able to provide guidance through the agent console.

Act 4: Exemplary Customer Service

ACC Liverpool were particularly impressed with Eckoh's outstanding customer service. Maria and Liam from Eckoh went above and beyond, even traveling to ACC Liverpool to provide training and support for their customer service agents, making light work of getting the team up and running. ACC Liverpool felt cared for by the dedicated and proactive approach of Eckoh's team, which made the whole process easy and stress-free. Eckoh's commitment to client-customer contact and personalized support was a standout aspect of the partnership.

Act 5: Successful Outcome

In summary, Eckoh helped ACC Liverpool go beyond PCI DSS compliance by providing a solution that was easy to use, easy to train advisors to use and provided added security in the payments process. Despite the challenges of sharing infrastructure with a local government body, Eckoh's seamless implementation, easy-to-use system, and exemplary customer service have ensured a successful outcome. ACC Liverpool is now equipped with a secure and efficient payment process that has reassured their customers and enhanced their overall security posture.

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