Eckoh's solutions significantly reduce PCI risk and improve customer engagement.

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When Partners Align, Clients Thrive

In the fast-paced world of business solutions and technology, partnerships play a crucial role in driving innovation, expanding market reach, and delivering exceptional value to clients. A great example of this is the strategic partnership between ComOps, a leading commercial strategy and operations team specializing in contact center services for hotels and casinos, and Eckoh, a premier provider of secure payment and customer engagement data security solutions.

Foundations of the Partnership

ComOps was founded in 2021 by a group of executives who recognized the potential to leverage their collective industry expertise. Their mission: to provide high-quality, cost-effective contact center services tailored to the unique needs of large integrated hotels and casinos. Eckoh was identified as a critical partner, aligning with ComOps' mission to enhance the guest experience and reduce PCI risk.

The partnership between ComOps and Eckoh is rooted in shared values and complementary visions. ComOps identified Eckoh as a pivotal ally in ensuring superior customer service while delivering data security within the complex world of gaming operations. Eckoh's commitment to excellence and innovation resonated with ComOps' dedication to streamlining operations and enhancing guest satisfaction.

Alignment of Values and Mission

The success of this partnership is evident in the collaborative efforts to serve mutual clients, where Eckoh's solutions significantly reduce PCI risk and improve customer engagement. ComOps, leveraging Eckoh's technology, has been able to embed security measures seamlessly into their clients’ operations, enhancing their value proposition and strengthening client relationships.

At the heart of this partnership lies a deep alignment of values and mission. ComOps and Eckoh both prioritize customer-centric solutions, operational excellence, and continuous improvement. This synergy has allowed them to navigate complex challenges within the gaming and hospitality industry; from replacing outdated technology to leveraging emerging trends like AI integration and digital transformation.

Technical Integration and Flexibility

Eckoh's technical capabilities and flexibility are key factors in the partnership's success. ComOps chose Eckoh for its ability to integrate with diverse infrastructure setups, including dated PBX systems common in the hospitality industry. This adaptability has ensured smooth implementations and consistent service delivery, regardless of the client's technology environment.

There’s no question that Eckoh reduces the client’s risk profile and ultimately our risk. The unique challenge with hospitality organizations is that they typically have significant technical debt that requires heavy lifting and results in challenging implementations. Eckoh’s flexibility and vendor-agnostic approach provides immediate value for our clients and that’s why we love working with them.” – Robert Levine, CEO, ComOps

Addressing Industry Challenges

Together, ComOps and Eckoh confront industry challenges, such as the slow adoption of technology and the imperative to leverage AI for an enhanced guest experience. ComOps is leading the charge in modernizing casino operations, with Eckoh providing the essential security framework to support these transformative initiatives.

Gaming and hospitality as a sector have particular challenges to overcome when deploying new technology, but our approach provides ComOps with an elegant solution that doesn’t create additional overhead for their clients and immediately addresses a risk that is only getting more severe. It’s been a pleasure to work alongside ComOps, they truly understood the value and security that Eckoh delivers to them, and their clients, and they’ve become a real advocate for our technology.” – Nik Philpot, CEO, Eckoh

Future Outlook and Collaboration

Looking ahead, ComOps and Eckoh envision a future of continued collaboration, innovation, and shared success. As the hospitality industry evolves, the partnership will remain a cornerstone of excellence, driving positive change and setting new standards for customer service and security.

The partnership between ComOps and Eckoh exemplifies the power of collaboration in delivering value-driven solutions to the hospitality sector. By combining industry expertise, technical excellence, and a shared commitment to customer satisfaction, ComOps and Eckoh have not only addressed current challenges but are poised to lead the industry into a future of innovation and growth.

In today’s business landscape, strong partnerships based on mutual respect, aligned goals and complementary strengths are paramount for driving client success. ComOps and Eckoh stand as a testament to the transformative potential of strategic alliances, driving meaningful impact and delivering exceptional value to clients and guests alike.

Whether you’re evolving your revenue management, elevating contact center operations, or searching for an impactful digital marketing strategy, discover how ComOps and Eckoh can help elevate your brand.

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