A global agribusiness cooperative partners with Eckoh for secure payment solutions


Industry: Energy, Agriculture
Employees: 10k+
Revenue: $32.6 billion
Background: A diversified global agribusiness cooperative that drives sustainable growth with a strong, efficient supply chain, access to global markets and exceptional products and services.

Solution: A solution to de-scope their contact center and telephony systems while preventing fraud among a hybrid workforce of on-site agents and newly remote agents. The client was searching for a secure payment solution that could meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) without disrupting their focus on customer engagement.

Eckoh provided a tailored approach to address the client’s pressing security concerns while preserving the familiar customer experience essential to rural farming communities. By implementing innovative solutions within diverse telephony environments, Eckoh ensured secure payment transactions for the client without compromising customer trust or data security.

Seeds of Concern:

The company’s roots lay in their rural surroundings, where trust is cultivated with care over the years. Any hint of jeopardizing this trust was not an option for the client. Their worry sprouted from the realization that their current payment processes might pose a risk to their hard-earned credibility.

In the pursuit of a solution, the client sought a path that preserved the essence of their service, the comfort of local, familiar service combined with the assurance of secure transactions.

Partnership Blossoms:

Enter Eckoh, a partner understanding the importance of preserving the customer experience within close-knit rural communities. Recognizing the client’s concerns, Eckoh tailored a solution that would maintain the trusted familiarity of their local coop interactions while bolstering payment security.

Nurturing Security Amidst Diversity:

The challenge lay in the diversity of telephony setups across their network of coop locations. Eckoh’s solution wasn’t just a technological upgrade, it was an intricate balance that included the alignment of diverse telephony providers — each with their own unique infrastructure — while ensuring seamless, secure transactions. CallGuard provided innovative speech recognition functionalities as well, all while preventing sensitive data from entering the client’s contact center environment.

Sowing the Seeds of Confidence:

In a story of trust, security and innovation, the client and Eckoh serve as a testament to the power of collaboration and partnership. Preserving the sanctity of customer confidence in rural landscapes while fortifying data security proved to be a narrative of commitment and reliability, ensuring that the seeds of confidence continue to grow.


  • 50 coop sites fully de-scoped from the burden of PCI DSS for card-not-present payments.
  • Instilling customer confidence in secure payment engagements.
  • Successful PCI DSS compliance with a future-proof system for upcoming changes in standards.
  • Scale for growth and adapt with the changing needs of the business

Looking Forward

To learn more about how Eckoh secures payments across all engagement channels, please contact one of our trusted advisors.