Leveraging Eckoh’s flexible payment solutions to enhance the patient experience.


Industry: Healthcare Business Services
Employees: 10,000+
Revenue: $1.3B
Background: The Client, a leading US healthcare services company, caters to over 800 healthcare organizations, managing more than 24 million unique patient interactions.


Eckoh’s patented CallGuard solution, the most scalable, effective solution for securing voice payments.

Healthcare is evolving

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare services, the transition from volume to value-based care has become imperative. Organizations operating in this sector have to navigate the complexities of patient care but also streamline operations to meet evolving industry standards. The Client’s mission is to enhance the healthcare experience for consumers and patients while improving quality, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness.

As part of their commitment to quality assurance and compliance, The Client faced an imminent PCI DSS audit that demanded they reassess their approach to serving their diverse client base. The Client sought out a solution that would align with their existing processes, minimize disruption, and enhance efficiency without compromising security and compliance.

Work with vendors that understand your business

Ultimately, The Client partnered with Eckoh for several compelling reasons:

• Minimal impact on existing processes. CallGuard is the most flexible secure payment solution available, seamlessly integrating with current processes, ensuring minimal disruption to their agents and multiple partners. This compatibility was critical in maintaining operational efficiency during the transition phase and while onboarding other clients.

• Ease of implementation. Implementing CallGuard did not significantly impact the client’s existing payment pages. This streamlined implementation process minimized downtime and allowed for a swift transition without compromising service delivery.

• Simplified telephony. Leveraging Flowroute,* The Client was able to simplify their telephony infrastructure. This consolidation of resources enhanced operational efficiency and facilitated smoother communication channels, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

Innovation without disruption

Upon choosing Eckoh’s patented CallGuard solution, The Client embarked on a seamless implementation process guided by Eckoh’s experienced team. The transition was executed efficiently, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

As a result, the client not only found a future-proof solution for PCI DSS audit requirements, but also experienced:


• Tangible improvements in their service delivery and operational efficiency.

• Maximum flexibility and scalability when onboarding their clients.

• Patient confidence in secure payment engagements.

• Successful PCI DSS compliance not just today but for upcoming changes in standards.

• Adaptability with the changing needs of the business and industry.

Deliver Success to your Clients

The partnership between The Client and Eckoh is a great example of leveraging innovative solutions to address evolving industry challenges. Contact us to discover how Eckoh can help your organization move beyond compliance.

*Flowroute is only available to clients using Eckoh’s CallGuard or Secure Call Recording solutions.