One of the largest home improvement and hardware retailers in the world partners with Eckoh to achieve their payment security goals.


Industry: Home Improvement & Hardware Retail
Employees: 300,000
Revenue: $90.2 billion
Background: One of the largest home improvement and hardware retailers in the world. Today, the company operates about 2000+ stores across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Challenge: A solution to de-scope their contact center and telephony systems while preventing fraud among a hybrid workforce of on-site agents and newly remote agents. The client was searching for a secure payment solution that could meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) without disrupting their focus on customer engagement.

Client Requirements:

  • De-scoping contact center and telephony systems from PCI DSS audit
  • Remove on-site and remote agents from cardholder data exposure
  • Improved customer/agent experience
  • Successful PCI DSS compliance
  • Reduced risk of contact center fraud
  • Full integration with the client’s proprietary token vault system

Solution: CallGuard, the leading solution for securing payments in the voice channel

Drafting the Blueprint for Data Security

The client identified gaps in their data security measures for PCI DSS compliance. Serving an average of more than 18 million customers per week, these flaws became a top priority for leadership to address.

The retailer had a specific set of goals for choosing a solution to solve their PCI compliance issues. Not only did they want to de-scope their on-site contact center agents, but remote and hybrid agents also needed to be removed from the PCI audit scope. The retailer wanted minimal IT involvement to deploy the solution they chose, and an essential requirement was a solution that leveraged their token vault and proprietary billing systems.

Building a Strong Foundation

To meet their project requirements and unique needs, Eckoh proposed an on-site deployment of our patented CallGuard solution with Ribbon Session Border Controllers (SBCs). This allows the major retailer to collect cardholder data via their on-site and remote contact center agents without exposing them to sensitive data.

CallGuard offers a seamless solution that doesn’t require the agent to disconnect from the customer, fulfilling the retailer’s goal of PCI de-scoping of contact center and telephony systems without impacting the customer’s experience or customer satisfaction scores.

CallGuard doesn’t utilize complex integrations or changes to databases and requires limited changes to current processes for the client, fulfilling the second goal of the major retailer of minimal work by their IT teams.

Proprietary billing systems are nothing new for Eckoh. The experienced deployment team utilized the major retailer’s own internal token vault when integrating CallGuard, as they have successfully done for many other clients.

New Additions

After the original project, the client and Eckoh partnered for additional strategic development. Expanding to additional divisions and subsidiaries, the client chose to leverage CallGuard as cloud deployments. The flexibility of the solution has empowered the client to grow, merge divisions, onboard subsidiaries, and even spin off pieces of the business while never missing the opportunity to protect their customers and provide a seamless customer journey.


  • Successful de-scoping of on-site and remote contact center agents and telephony systems.
  • Limited changes to current processes and systems requiring minimal involvement of the client’s IT team.
  • Improved customer/agent experience, allowing agents to take more payments while increasing conversion rates and customer satisfaction scores.
  • Successful PCI DSS compliance with a future-proof system for upcoming changes in standards.
  • Full integration with proprietary billing system including client’s token vault system.
  • Eliminates the risk of PCI data exposure as data is not stored by the client or Eckoh.
  • Scale for growth and adapt with the changing needs of the business.

Looking Forward

To learn more about how Eckoh secures payments across all engagement channels, please contact one of our trusted advisors.