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Industry: Non-Profit and Charitable Organization
$674 million

When it comes to non-profit and charitable organizations, ensuring the security of donor data is paramount. Among Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), the client stands as a beacon of hope. This long standing US nationwide voluntary health organization operates with the mission to eradicate cancer through research, education, advocacy and patient services. This client has evolved into a formidable force against the disease because of the support of their donors.

Fighting the spread of payment fraud

Despite their noble mission, the client is faced with a challenge we’ve come to know all too well: ensuring the security of donor transactions while seamlessly integrating with their existing donation process. With the rise of cyber threats and stringent regulatory requirements, particularly in handling card-not-present payments, they recognized the imperative to protect donor data against potential breaches. Their virtual contact center, comprised of agents spread across the country, needed a solution that would enable secure payment processing without compromising donor experience or violating Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.

Seeking a solution

After careful evaluation, the client turned to Eckoh for a robust and flexible solution. As the leading provider of secure payment solutions, Eckoh proposed implementing their patented CallGuard solution. This innovative technology allows organizations to collect cardholder data securely without exposing agents to sensitive information. In the case of this NPO, this meant that virtual contact center agents could process donations without ever seeing or hearing the donor’s payment details, thus ensuring the highest level of security. Additionally, the cardholder data never vulnerably traverses their telephony, systems and network.

Ensuring operational success

CallGuard was deployed seamlessly around the client’s existing cloud infrastructure. Given the virtual nature of their contact center, it was imperative that the solution could be deployed remotely to agents. CallGuard’s track record of successful deployments in cloud environments reassured them of its suitability to their requirements. Furthermore, as a vendor-agnostic solution, CallGuard seamlessly integrated with the client’s current payment processor, necessitating minimal changes to existing processes and systems. This ensured a smooth transition without disrupting ongoing operations, something crucial when seeking donor support.

Elevating the donor experience

The implementation of CallGuard brought forth a multitude of benefits for this voluntary health organization:

  • Enhanced security and compliance. By de-scoping contact center agents from handling sensitive payment data, CallGuard ensured PCI DSS compliance while fortifying the security of donor transactions. This not only mitigated the risk of data breaches but also instilled trust among donors regarding the confidentiality of their information.
  • Seamless integration. CallGuard’s ability to seamlessly work with the client’s current payment processor minimized disruptions and streamlined operations during deployment. This interoperability allowed for the continuation of existing payment processes without extensive modifications or commitment from their IT team, thereby optimizing efficiency.
  • Future-proof solution. With evolving regulatory standards, the client sought a solution that would remain compliant with future PCI DSS changes. CallGuard’s robust architecture provided a future-proof solution, ensuring they can adapt to upcoming changes in standards without significant upheaval or negative effect on donations.
  • Enhanced donor experience. Despite the most robust security measures in place, CallGuard ensures a frictionless donor experience. By enabling secure donations via both live agents and IVR call flows, the client could process contributions seamlessly, fostering positive interactions with donors and encouraging continued support for their mission.

Enabling the client to focus on their mission

In navigating the complex landscape of data security and regulatory compliance, this NPO successfully addressed the challenge of securing donor transactions while preserving operational efficiency. Through the implementation of Eckoh’s CallGuard solution, they fortified their contact center against potential threats, ensuring the confidentiality of donor data and maintaining compliance with PCI DSS. With a seamless deployment process, CallGuard emerged as a catalyst for enhancing security, streamlining processes and elevating the donor experience. As the client continues its tireless efforts in the fight against cancer, CallGuard stands as a testament to the power of innovation in safeguarding both data and hope.

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