Social Listening

Hear what your customers are saying about you on social media

Track, monitor, analyse and respond to social media conversations about your organsiation

  • Discover what customers like and dislike — and adapt your strategy
  • Be proactive and reactive to the customer's story and comments
  • Turn detractors into supporters with timely engagement
  • Attract customers by targeting your messages to those most receptive
  • Manage everything from one secure platform

Let's talk about social listening

Social media users reacting

Find out what people are saying about your brand

Knowing what your customers are saying about you will not only enable you to track the good stories, but also manage any red flags before they escalate.

This insight reveals the story behind their mentions, allowing you to make key changes and respond quickly. A fast, effective response is an essential component of audience research and will give you a competitive edge.

Social media use on mobile

See the bigger picture from one place

From a single hub, you can see all your social channels — giving you a real-time 360o view of interactions mentioning your organisation and its services.

Eckoh's Social Listening works across 160 social media channels, news sites, blogs, RSS feeds and forums.

  • Fully integrated with other solutions such as Chat or as a stand- alone tool
  • Analyse mentions for sentiment and classification
  • Include or exclude keywords or phrases for the most relevant results
  • Route comments or enquiries to contact centre agents for quick responses

Start monitoring social feeds for company mentions

Keep a close eye on what's being said. Talk to Eckoh for a discussion around our Social Listening tool now.

See what Gartner say

"Companies that do not respond to social media messages face up to a 15% increase in customer churn."
Gartner - Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace 2020