Speech Recognition IVR

Turn your IVR into an attentive virtual assistant

Deliver human-like, personalised and effective interactions that drive efficiencies

  • Greet callers with a simple ‘How can I help you?’
  • Correctly route calls, first time, for a better experience
  • Reduce call drop outs and time in IVR
  • Improve responses via speech recognition that learns from every call
  • Increase first-time call resolution by combining with Visual IVR

Ready to transform your IVR?

Natural Language IVR

Recognise efficiencies in the power of speech

Produce natural conversations for the effortless, intelligent self-service experience your customers expect.

Our Natural Language IVRs are built for your organisation, ensuring that calls are quickly routed to the people, departments or self-service options you choose. Our team of professional linguists and speech recognition teams ensure your IVR performs to its best.

Speech recognition IVR

Make your IVR easy to navigate

Deliver better interactions and reduce frustrations by getting customers straight to their answers.

  • Handle all calls via one inbound number
  • Deploy in multiple languages to meet everyone's needs
  • Easily handle complex departmental infrastructures
  • Ask follow-up questions to better route the call
  • Deliver the best responses with technology which is constantly ‘tuned’ to learn from every word, phrase, pairing and interaction
  • More personalised engagement by letting customers use their own words to ask for what they want
  • Reduce customer frustration - significantly

Powerful machine learning speech recognition AI

  • cost saving

    Cost saving automation

    Design and build robust self-service apps that save money by automating repetitive tasks

  • Machine learning

    Self-learning technology

    Constantly learning and making automatic adjustments to improve accuracy over time

  • Multi-lingual application

    Features more than 75 languages and dialects, for multilingual self-service implementation

Enhance speech IVR with visual cues

Avoid delays in resolving customer queries by sharing helpful information at just the right moment. You can avoid call backs and resolve more queries with Visual IVR.

The use of speech applications is on the rise

"By 2023, customers will prefer to use speech interfaces to initiate 70% of self-service interactions compared to 40% in 2019"
Gartner - Future of the Contact Centre