Visual IVR

Guide inbound callers to web-based support with Visual IVR

Expand the IVR experience for your customers by offering visually guided menus on their smart device

  • Enable first call resolution without delays
  • Verbally guide the customer through a visual online process
  • Easily share large documents – T&Cs, tariffs, specifications or tutorials 
  • Reduce the cost to serve your customers 
  • Personalise interactions by using in tandem with an agent 
  • Enable ultra-easy channel shift and self-service

Ready to include Visual IVR?

Adding visual elements to IVR

The channel sharing approach for a better customer experience

Avoid delays in resolving customer queries by sharing helpful information at just the right moment. Customers can view information mid-contact with a voice IVR, or even an agent handling the call. Use it to handle lengthy T&Cs, tariffs, product specs, returns, bills and even tutorials.

Enhancing engagement with visual IVR

Multi-functional and multi-sensory for efficient call resolution

Improve the way you work and how you want your customers to engage

  • Collect information as well as provide it 
  • Complete multiple steps in one call by using an IVR or a live agent 
  • Avoid delays or the need for call backs  
  • Directly integrate to your website or app
  • Automate tasks that cannot be served by traditional IVRs

Create an app like experience for customers

  • Easy Navigation

    Easy navigation

    Customers can navigate visual menus faster and so complete enquiries quicker

  • Faster resolution

    Visual aids combined with voice makes achieving the customers goal quicker

  • Easy channel shift

    Customers can be shown video clips or other useful information to progress their enquiry

Combine visual interaction with speech recognition

Ensure your customers get the a dynamic and effective interaction by combining visual elements and advanced speech recognition.

A winning technology for O2 customers

Capita won the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) Awards 2017 using Eckoh’s Visual IVR solution to bring an exciting customer service approach for their client O2.
Capita partnership