Growing numbers of customers loathe the idea of calling a contact center; it feels slow and outdated. Instead, they expect to chat immediately with an agent who can answer their account queries and take payments right away.

With Eckoh, you can meet customers’ digital preferences easily. Your agents can chat online, securely access account details and resolve issues. You can also take in-chat payments using cards or digital apps, such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet. If people prefer, you can send them payment links by email or SMS.

We’ll handle the payment processing for you, keeping your chat channels PCI DSS compliant, while removing them from the scope of any security audit. It’s simple with Eckoh.

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Our digital engagement and security products

Secure Chat

An instant way for your customers to interact with a real person while they browse your website - building customer confidence by meeting their needs.

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Let customers pay the easiest way – inside any chat application as they talk with your agent. No links, just instant and secure payments.

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Secure Digital Payments

A simple, secure way to ensure card data is not exposed to your agents or network, keeping your contact center PCI DSS compliant.

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Keep up with customer expectations
Satisfy rising demand for instant chat and payments using tech that integrates easily

Protect your brand and customers
Avoid fraud risks and fines by keeping sensitive data outside of your chat channels

Strengthen PCI DSS compliance
Let Eckoh protect payments for you — and descope your chat channels from audit

Increase sales and revenue
Maximize convenience for customers with options to pay by card or digital wallets

Act in the moment
Take in-chat payments or send payment links to customers instantly via email or SMS

Secure your phone payments

Enable your contact center agents to take fast and easy payments securely over the phone without compromising the customer experience, data security or PCI DSS compliance.


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Please note, Eckoh is unlikely to be cost-effective if you have fewer than 50 agents in your contact center.

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