Dual Tone, Multi-Frequency (DTMF), is the technical term for the tones made by your phone when digits are pressed.

When phone calls are recorded for quality purposes, any tones entered by the customer on their phone during the call are also recorded. They are also heard by the agent. To overcome the risk of the tones being accessed and decoded, the tones are 'suppressed' or 'masked.'

DTMF suppression and/or masking simply replaces the audio tone value with a single mono-tone preventing downstream systems from being exposed to this sensitive data. This technology is included in all of Eckoh's phone payment products.

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CallGuard: Agent-assisted payments

CallGuard gives you the choice of using DTMF masking or tokenization to stop cardholder data from being exposed to the contact center environment. Both these methods greatly reduce the number of PCI DSS controls an organization needs to apply and the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) recognizes them as comprehensive solutions for securing cardholder data and reducing the scope of the contact center for compliance purposes.

Call Guard Agent Screen

Benefits of CallGuard with DTMF Suppression

Better customer experience

Caller and agent stay in constant communication throughout the call

Reduced AHT

No impact on call length, in fact, AHT may come down as card entry errors are reduced

Better agent experience

Agents do not have to pause or resume a call and CallGuard is extremely easy to use

Call recording continues

Call recordings can continue without interruption as the data cannot be heard, seen or interpreted

Agents cannot see card data

Agents do not need to see sensitive card data, or want to. CallGuard removes this burden

PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant

The ultimate security, ensuring all windows to actual card data are closed to people, processes and systems


The most effective, cost-efficient product for securing phone payments. CallGuard reduces fraud risk, protects your customers' card data and helps your business become PCI DSS compliant.

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Let customers pay the easiest way – inside any chat application as they talk with your agent. No links, just instant and secure payments.

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Secure Digital Payments

A simple, secure way to ensure card data is not exposed to your agents or network, keeping your contact center PCI DSS compliant.

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Eckoh is the Licensee of Semafone's (Secured by Semafone) "Signal detection and blocking for voice processing equipment" patent family, including GB2473376, which patent describes a technology for the same purpose as that was designed and implemented by Eckoh in a portion of its products/services.