AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Cognitive technology that is programmed to behave like humans.

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The simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to behave like humans and mimic their actions so they can make decisions, recognize speech, plan, adapt and solve problems. Closely associated with AI is Machine Learning (ML) which is based on the idea that system can learn from data and from their own mistakes, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

AI has a growing place in contact centers where it can help to reduce costs, increase agent efficiency and personalize experiences. The most commonly used AI is the chatbot which can gather crucial information before an agent takes over the engagement or it can help the customer to complete an inquiry or transaction without agent involvement.

An intelligent chatbots will know when an inquiry gets to a stage that is beyond its powers to complete at which point it will be programmed to hand the call over to an agent.

AI can help route incoming calls based on a wealth of data such as a customer’s history, preferences or location. This helps to get the caller to the right agent first time for a better customer experience.

Insight from AI provides business leaders with actionable information on which they can base their decisions. Information about customer behavior, those who are dissatisfied or in danger of leaving for example.

AI will continue to evolve and take a greater place in customer engagement and contact centers, we are just at the beginning.

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