Application Programming Interface allows different computer programs to communicate.

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Simply put, an API allows two applications or two computers to talk to each other. It comprises a set of functions that allows applications to access data and interact with external software components, operating systems and microservices. This makes it possible for systems to exchange data within or between organizations as part of a single solution. An API can deliver a user response to a system and send the system’s response back to the user.

For example, when you use an app on a phone or computer or log into Social Media channels, you’re interacting with several different APIs. Most businesses that use modern technology use APIs at some level to retrieve data or interact with a database for customers to use.

Eckoh uses API's for our CallGuard product where we provide a virtual terminal (payment screen) for the agent when they take a payment. This is generally linked to a Payment Processor who validates and authenticates payment data for purchasing.