In the context of PCI DSS, it is a method of concealing a segment of data when displayed or printed or spoken.

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In the context of data security, 'Masking' is a method to conceal or suppress data when it is displayed, printed or relayed over a telephone conversation. This method can be used to avoid storing sensitive data, for instance, de-scope data and achieve PCI DSS compliance. For example, it hides credit card details when a customer makes a payment by telephone.

PAN masking hides a portion of the long card number, or PAN, on a credit or debit card, protecting the card account numbers when displayed or printed.

DTMF masking is used in specific technology when a customer enters their card details over the phone. Instead of saying the number aloud, the customer enters their details using their telephone keypad. Each telephone digit gives a distinct tone that could give away the card identity. The digits are therefore completely or partially masked to prevent any identification.

Eckoh offers DTMF masking solutions to contact centers that take payments over the phone. We help them achieve PCI DSS compliance by preventing any sensitive payment data from entering their organization. This data cannot be stored, accessed or replicated.