Top 7 Customer Service Challenges

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22 Nov 2023

Dive into our ebook exploring 7 key challenges and opportunities in contact centers. Uncover strategies to enhance transactions, gauge sentiment, fortify security, diversify payment options, and boost agent retention for lasting success.

Seven Customer service challenges and how to fix them

Brands are under pressure to meet and exceed rising customer expectations. But it's possible for contact centers to stay several steps ahead in satisfying the shifting demands of the marketplace.

This guide provides behind-the-scenes insights into 7 major challenges and opportunities - and identifies the best ways for contact center leaders to respond. We suggest fast and highly effective ways to support your teams, delight customers, and strengthen your bottom line. We know these capabilities work because we've road-tested them ourselves.

In this guide, you will discover how to:

  • Improve transaction completion and avoid cart abandonment
  • Understand customer sentiment at scale
  • Mitigate against data breaches
  • Allow customers to pay using their channel of choice
  • Improve contact center agent retention
Brochure Mock Up Customer Service Challenges