Why you should rethink your PCI DSS Strategy

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30 Sep 2022

Your contact center is under attack. Rethink your PCI DSS compliance strategy so it actually protects customer credit card data.

Why you should rethink your PCI DSS Strategy

The average US company uses three solutions to maintain PCI DSS compliance, but you only need one.

With a de-scoping solution, sensitive customer data is completely eliminated from your contact center environment, so fraudsters have nothing to steal. Plus, CallGuard is the only de-scoping solution that can be implemented without complicated API integrations.

Our refreshingly honest eGuide highlights the multiple problems organizations face today.

This exclusive guide will explain how you can:

  • Lower Costs
  • Future proof your contact center
  • De-scope reliably
  • Provide better customer and agent experience
  • Lower your cyber insurance premium
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