An Update on Eckoh's response to COVID-19

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1 Jan 2021

We wanted to give you an update on our response to COVID-19.

Following the recent increase in COVID cases and the subsequent Government announcement regarding a new lockdown, I wanted to give you an update on Eckoh's situation.

  • Our key priority remains the health and safety of our colleagues and their families, as well as our clients, contractors and partners. Since our previous update, we have been continuing to monitor the official advice from government and the World Health Organization as well as reviewing and testing our long-established Business Continuity plans. We re-opened our offices as COVID safe zones during the summer, ensuring maximum safety for those of our teams that chose to return to the office, either to work more effectively or for their personal wellbeing. We have supplemented this with a 10-point pandemic plan that we are now operating in line with the updated advice.
  • The continuity of our service is critical to our clients and the broader market. Being a global hosted and cloud operated business, we continue to operate your services in an uninterrupted manner. Our services are very well structured and resourced and we are able to cope with the impact of any possible next stages of the pandemic. We can and will respond swiftly to your requests to make necessary changes to services to minimize any impact from the latest government advice.
  • We've embraced online meetings and remote communications, allowing for remote working flexibility and continued communication. We will continue to be flexible and understanding of your needs, sensitive to the impact of the current market environments and committed to supporting you. Our entire workforce and contact center team can work effectively from home at a moment's notice, using Eckoh's remote working technology at its core. From November 5th, in line with government advice, we will once again be operating entirely remotely in the UK as we did so effectively earlier in the year. This will remain the case until the advice changes.
  • We are constantly reviewing our continuity plans to ensure continuous delivery of critical processes. We are committed to directly supporting our clients, which starts with supporting our employees in critical business functions. Our Account Management team will continue to be available to assist our clients via telephone or video conference as appropriate.

Due to the nature of Eckoh's business (our largely hosted operating model, existing remote working capacity, and geographically dispersed teams in the UK and US) the resilience of our operation and preparations has more than met our high expectations. Eckoh is well financed with a strong, cash-positive, balance sheet and in our recent trading update to the Stock Exchange we reported a strong first half of the 2021 financial year despite the challenging conditions. Regarding our ability to operate successfully on your behalf during and beyond this situation, we have no concerns.

Eckoh's senior leadership team continues to meet daily and is actively monitoring any changes to the situation and we will update our response here if there is any significant change or new development that we feel we need to inform you about.

I understand this is a tough environment in which to operate and I hope that our commitment and confidence in maintaining your service helps you with your own future planning. If there is anything we can do to help you deliver on your customer engagement goals or address contact center security concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us for impartial advice and guidance or service provision.

Please continue to check back here for future updates and thank you again for your continued trust in Eckoh.

Yours sincerely,
Nik Philpot, Chief Executive Officer