PCI Compliance

Protect your customers, clients and your company from card fraud and identity theft with our PCI DSS compliant payment solutions.

PCI DSS Secure Payment Solutions

Handle customer transactions with ease - but stop sensitive card data from entering your business and putting you at risk.

Taking card payments via your contact centre agents, the web, mobiles or batch files is a risky business — unless you've got the right safeguards in place.

You're vulnerable from the moment customers give out their card data over the phone. And it's well known that phone and web payment platforms are notoriously difficult to lock down. It only takes one case of fraud, one successful hacker or an accidental data breach to spell disaster. You could find yourself facing a media storm, costly penalties and a damaged reputation.

Make sure this never happens. With Eckoh, there's a way to shield your business and benefit from reassuring PCI DSS compliance.

Why Eckoh: What Makes Us Different

Risk-Free PCI DSS Compliance

Instead of letting your customers' card data mingle freely with your staff and systems, our secure payments suite keeps it apart.

It's not as though your customers' card data is toxic. But it attracts the wrong kind of attention from hackers and fraudsters, which can spell trouble. Then you're at risk and liable if anything goes wrong. So it's best for everyone if our secure payments suite keeps card data out of your environment, and sends it speedily on its way, direct to the payment provider.

Avoid a Whole World of Fraud and Fines

Our secure payment suite saves you from a giant legal headache if there's a breach. Letting in sensitive card data through transactions or batch files would mean your contact centre, databases and IT networks wouldn't only be at risk — they would also place you within the scope of a PCI DSS compliance audit. But because our secure payments suite provides a way to de-scope your contact centre and card-not-present payment channels for PCI DSS compliance, you don't need to worry about audits and the associated costs and risks.

CallGuard for Secure Telephone Payments

Want to eliminate fraud and risk instantly whenever your agents need to take payments over the phone from customers? CallGuard ensures your contact centre remains secure and PCI DSS compliant by avoiding sensitive card data from being heard or seen by your agent — and from being stored on your systems. CallGuard also enables a better experience for customers. Easy to deploy, it's a cost-effective way to make telephone payments PCI DSS compliant.

DataGuard for Secure Web and App Payments

Do you want customers to be able to make secure payments over the web or mobile apps? Eliminating payment data from your network is the best way to ensure that sensitive cardholder information stays safe. With DataGuard, you can keep out card data, without changing your existing systems or processes. Our solution uses tokenisation to transmit sensitive data through your environment — without exposing you to risk. Simple.

EckohPAY for Secure, Self-Service IVR Payments

Would you like to empower your customers to make secure payments themselves across multiple channels, without the risk of fraud? EckohPAY enables them to make card payments conveniently and securely over the phone, via the web, using SMS or with mobile apps. Our automated, self-service payment solution is PCI DSS compliant and optimised to be quick and easy. It gives your customers the freedom to make payments when they want, how they want.

PCI Call Recording for a Quality and Compliant Service

Do you want your contact centre to deliver high-quality customer service and resolve customer disputes more easily? Would you like to ensure you meet FCA and PCI DSS compliance by recording calls in a reliable way? Our leading PCI Call Centre Recording solution can help you to achieve all these goals, while giving you the opportunity to improve your training processes, call handling and productivity.

Need Help With PCI DSS?

Compliance with the Payment Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is essential for contact centres that handle personal customer data, including payment card information. Merchants need to take steps to prevent this data from getting into the wrong hands. PCI compliance is not just about securing your systems and encrypting your data. In many ways, those are the easy parts. You're probably most vulnerable where your systems and data come into contact with people. But Eckoh can help — by offering the widest range of PCI DSS compliant solutions for contact centres.

Get Peace of Mind over PCI Compliance — Quickly and Easily

With help from Eckoh, you can:

  • Safeguard your payment channels - and your corporate reputation
  • Get the best security/payment solutions on the market
  • Deploy alongside your existing systems with no changes or integration
  • Select options which fit your precise needs
  • Rely on our world-class PCI DSS solutions expertise to give you secure call centre voice transactions
  • Lock down your e-commerce and network channels – keeping data completely out of your IT networks and systems
  • Take advantage of Eckoh’s PCI DSS Level One accreditation to de-scope your environment

Agent Assisted Payments

Eliminate fraud and PCI DSS compliance risk instantly for every payment taken over the telephone.

IVR Payments

Enable secure, multi-channel, automated payments for every customer over the phone, web and mobile device

Web & Mobile Payments

Shield your organisation from receiving card data, without changing your systems or processes.

Our PCI Contact Centre

Need a PCI safety net? Our PCI certified contact centre can take customer payments if yours can't.

Help with PCI DSS

Why is PCI DSS compliance so important in Contact Centres — and what are the implications for your organisation?


As of May 2018 you now have to comply with GDPR if you engage with customers in the EU – regardless of where you are based.