IVR Payments

Enable secure, multi-channel, automated payments for every customer over the phone, web and mobile device

Increase Customer Choice and Beat Fraud

Are you providing the kind of choice that today's consumers demand? They don't just want a greater selection of products and services —they also expect to be able to make payments when they want, how they want.

But how can you provide secure and automated self-service ways to pay over multiple channels 24/7, without the risk of fraud? Surely that'll be complex, expensive and present its own risks? Normally, yes. But Eckoh has the answer.

IVR Payments

Self-Service Payments via Phone, Web, Mobile App and SMS

EckohPAY from Eckoh enables your customers to make card payments conveniently and securely over the phone, via the web, using SMS or with mobile apps. Our automated, self-service payment solution is PCI DSS compliant and optimised to be quick and easy. It gives your customers the freedom to pay for goods and services whenever they want — in safety.

Take Payments Securely over the Phone, Web or Mobile

Telephone/IVR Payments

With EckohPAY using an IVR, callers are guided through the payment process by an auto-attendant and can choose speech recognition or their telephone keypad to enter option choices and card details. Your contact centre can also transfer the caller to EckohPAY if a payment needs to be made at the end of a conversation.

SMS Payments

To pay by text, customers simply send a message and payment amount to a dedicated short-dial number. EckohPAY matches the phone numbers with the card token on customer records, validates and sends to card issuer for authorisation. The customer receives a payment confirmation message by text to their mobile phone.

Website Payments

EckohPAY provides a secure and PCI compliant web service to enable customers to make card payments. This hosted service can be provided from a separate website, or your existing website/app. All payments occur in our platform, so it stays separate from your environment.

Smartphone Payments/Apps

Eckoh's smartphone payment application identifies your customers through a unique reference number and authorises immediate payment. It can also be used by customers to create an account which stores their card details securely, making future payments even faster.

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