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A Message from Eckoh’s CEO – Nik Philpot
Monday, 06 April 2020

We wanted to give you an update on our response to COVID-19.

Eckoh continues to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. We wanted to give you an update on our response. In keeping with our core values, Eckoh endeavours to do the right thing for our employees, partners, suppliers and customers. We assure you that our business continuity plans have been thoroughly tested, and we’re ready to support you and your business during these challenging times.

Our current focus includes:

  • The health and safety of our colleagues and their families, as well as our customers, contractors and partners are of utmost importance; as is ensuring the continued operations of the services that Eckoh provides. Since the outbreak began have been monitoring the official advice from government and the World Health Organisation and we have been reviewing and testing our long-established Business Continuity plans, as well as supplementing this with a 10-point pandemic plan that we are operating in line with the updated advice.
  • We’ve taken immediate action to cease in-person meetings, allowing for remote working flexibility, and relying on technology to keep in touch. Much of this is already what we do, but we also will continue to be flexible and understanding of your needs. We are sensitive to the impact of the current market environments and are committed to supporting you. We have also mobilised our entire contact centre team to work from home.
  • The continuity of our service is critical to our customers and the broader market. Being a global hosted and Cloud operated business, we want to assure you that Eckoh’s ability to operate your services in an uninterrupted manner is very well structured and resourced and is able to cope with a wide variety of the possible next stages of the pandemic.
  • We are constantly reviewing our continuity plans to ensure continuous delivery of critical processes. We are committed to directly supporting our customers, which starts with supporting our employees in critical business functions. Our Account Management team will continue to be available to assist our clients via telephone or video conference as appropriate.

Due to the nature of Eckoh’s business (our largely hosted operating model, existing remote working capacity, geographically dispersed teams in the UK and US) we are confident in the resilience of our operation and our preparations. Eckoh is also well financed with a strong cash positive balance sheet, so we have no concerns regarding our ability to operate successfully on your behalf during and beyond this situation.

Eckoh’s senior leadership team continues to meet daily and is actively monitoring the situation. Further updates will be provided if we instigate additional escalation or if the risk changes sufficiently to warrant further notification. Whilst we continue to increase the efforts in planning and managing the situation, we will be referring our customers to these updates.

We hope that this commitment and confidence in maintaining your service helps you with your own planning and thank you for your continued trust in Eckoh. We understand this is a tough environment and appreciate your continued partnership to achieve our mutual business objectives.

Please check back here for future updates.

Yours sincerely,
Nik Philpot, Chief Executive Officer

About the Author

Nik Philpot

Nik Philpot

Nik brings nearly 30 years of experience to the role as entrepreneur, leader and visionary within the technology and telecoms industries. As founder of Eckoh with over 20 years’ service, Nik’s focus on innovation and growth has driven the company to become a global leader in the customer contact space. Nik’s insight and investment in technology solutions has fuelled a climb in Eckoh’s market value over 500% in the past three years.
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